Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Though "Tell Me More" Panel Says The Nation Is On The Wrong Course - Democrats Need Not Worry

Listen to the comments said in the "Barber Shop" - the weekly segment heard on NPR's "Tell Me More"

It would be inaccurate to call this "Progressive /Pro-Democratic Party" "BIAS".

Instead the more accurate description is that everyone on this weeks panel speak from a "progressive perspective".

Don't mistake the members who say that the nation is "on the wrong track" as their belief that those who (until Jan 5th) dominate the institutions are at fault. Instead as they talk about why we are traveling as such - they voice the antics of their ideological adversaries. Even when Dr Spence says that he credits his ideological adversaries for their opposition - he says so from the perspective that his "ideological friends" have failed to provide the coherent message that America needs.

Worst of all there appeared to be agreement that the GOVERNMENT must provide some solutions to this nation's social problems. Yet there was no awareness of how the places where these theories are firmly entrenched already also suffered anemic population growth in the latest US Census.

I struggle to understand how the "Pro-Big Government forces - the adversaries of the "Pro-Big Business" forces that we most frequently hear called out - can't see that in places like Cleveland, Detroit and Milwaukee - the GOVERNMENT, starved of money from productive activity is forced to scale back their social justice offerings.

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