Thursday, December 2, 2010

Those Who Racism Chase About Racial Invectives In Political Discourse Yet Originate Their Own Violations

Of course the overriding statement is "Well what do you expect from a person who refers to himself as 'Field Negro'?"

It is amazing how a person who runs a "Media Matters In Black Face" blog site, which is more "Anti-Republican" than "Pro-Black Permanent Interests Advancement" can spend an entire election season scouring the nation for any White person that makes a racial slight upon the Black President and yet he originates racial invectives against another Black politician. 
 From the "Truth To Power" Blog

I stated previously that "favorable Blacks" (progressives) operate under the protective cover of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers.  Those Blacks who do not comply with this line of thinking are "Free Range Blacks".  Not only are they open for racial attacks by racist White people the BQFPRC will also source their own attacks just to show the racist White Liberal Snarling Foxes that it is OK to go after "these Blacks". 

Can we conclude that a Black person who inserts their own "offensive" material into political discourse has no credibility to feign offense when a White person does the same against a Black politician they favor?   The best time to enforce a line that no one should cross is when there is an adversary is in focus and YOUR SIDE is the offender.

(Psst:  Don't watch Filled Negro.  Instead look at his flock who followed his racism chasing to see if any of them call him out on this offense.  They won't).

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