Monday, December 13, 2010

Saying That "The Black Farmers Settlement Is Reparations" Is RACIST Depending Upon WHO Says It

Rob Redding-The Non-Partisan (Who Only Attacks The Left For Failing To Successfully Implement Progressive Policies says:  The Signature Of The Black Farmer's Payout Lays The Groundwork For Reparations (audio)

Media Matters On The "Racist" Who Claim that the Republicans who say that Black farmer payout is Reparations are racists. 


If Mr Redding was really looking beyond the "Transaction" and toward the big picture he would have seen that this latest round of $1.25 billion given for "grievances" (since 1983 - mind you) was provided in currency that is DEPRECIATING rapidly.

His references to "reparation" is spoken from the standpoint of "punitive damage awards" and thus currency compensation. The thought being that the payment of money being a rebuke against the assailant "punishes" the assailant because now HE HAS LESS MONEY TO DO WHAT HE PLEASES WITH and thus in the future will be more conscious of his actions because of the COST.

But wait!!!!   If "the assailant" also owns a printing press and can "break you off" some of the newly minted certificates, quickly replacing the "loss" with bills in the same series - what have you really gotten except "consideration"?

  1. Will any Black Farmer, who originally sought "last chance" assistance from this government program yet suffered racism, now have a new business model which insures that his operation is more viable so he won't need "last chance" financing as a result?
  2. Is this "victory" that is to be celebrated connected onto any "Food Desert"/"Urban Farming" strategy that says "self determination means growing your own food"?
I am not attempting to apply any unrealistic hurdles upon the acceptance of this as a "victory".
Absent any connectedness to the larger "grievances" of the activist movement this gets diminished into the realm of "we showed those White folks not to mess with us."

Of course the White Conservatives got their hits in, calling the settlement a "fraud"
The White Liberal Snarling Foxes syndicated the "hatred" from the Right as proof that they "luv Black people".
The game continues. 

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