Thursday, December 16, 2010

Roland Martin Calls Out Rush Limbaugh Thus Carrying Out His Plans Called "The Black Agenda"

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Here is my perspective.
I have all of the local radio talkshows preprogrammed into my car radio and I work to listen into all of them as much as possible. Most of the shows on the radio are "White right wing" except for Atlanta's "WAOK" - the Black "fight the power" station on the left. In addition I listen to XM "The Power" on the weekend just to hear another dose of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist content.

As I listen to Rush Limbaugh I indeed hear him making taunts that make use of racial innuendo. He is doing this because he knows that the Civil Rights Pharisees are listening in to him and they are going to respond.

I laugh at these taunts because Rush is correct in is observation that the "Black Political Establishment" in its present form IS a franchise of the "Democratic Establishment".

This establishment seeks to get a transaction established where the "Right Wing" talkshow hosts can be called "racists" at the various civil rights and Democratic party conventions BUT if they strike back - attacking their "Progressive Who Are Black" targets that are attacking them - a racial foul will be called.
The Army Field Medic Lends Help But Does Not Pick Up A M-16 To Fire

The last time I saw Roland Martin and Al Sharpton together Mr Martin was the host and moderator of Al Sharpton's "National Action Network" conference earlier this year.  They held a closing forum that was to develop "The Black Agenda", held at a local church in New York City.

In the closing comments they first "prayed to Jesus" and then they set the stage for the most important "Black Agenda Item" - Help The Democratic Party Retain The House and Senate in the November 2010 elections.

Again - They don't even pretend who they are any longer.

There is no "racial dignity" by which they, when operating with their "racial uniforms" refuse to get into the mud in the "Malcolm X Football Game Between White Conservatives and White Progressives".  Instead they are co-equal combatants against "White Right Wing Media figures" who also just happen to be Republicans (Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dr Laura, Sean Hannity).   They conspire with White Snarling Fox Liberal Media Operatives (Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Amy Goodman) who just happen to be Democrats (except for Goodman).

To the question "How can you stand with someone who doesn't like Black people and who stands against our interests"?"

ANSWER;  Our INTERESTS are not obtained through redistributive/confiscatory tax policies BUT INSTEAD through the increase in our community competencies.  The INSTITUTIONS that "favorable people" now control yet are failing us are doing far more damage to the "Black Permanent Interests" than Rush Limbaugh could ever hope to do with his microphone.

The various Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates own the very same microphone that Limbaugh does.  They spout death threats, tell of their drug dealing and call our women out of their name.  They don't suffer much scorn for doing this.  Instead they are recruited as "get the vote out" voices around election time.

One is mistaken if this is about "White Racism Against Black Victims".
Go below the surface and you see the football game that Malcolm X warned us about EXCEPT this time Mr Martin and Mr Sharpton are doing "Color Commentary".

Mr Martin and Rev Sharpton simply want Black folks to join their fray as they promote each "transactional offense" done by Limbaugh or any other "right-wing" target.  This will keep our community from focusing upon the most important issues that are damaging our interests and WHO IS LEADING THE WAY, absolved of any consequences for what they have brought forth.  


biffster said...

Has it occurred to anyone that, despite the loyal support and activism from black republicans, that the GOP does not REALLY want blacks in leadership in America? That blacks are expected to accept the limited role of being USED as tokens for campaign purposes and, more recently on a national level, attack dogs to bark and chew at President Obama, Micheal Steele, and all things black?

Full story:

Constructive Feedback said...


Let's take your indictment of the GOP as true.

Then tell me how this impacts the issues of education, public safety, economic development in:

* Atlanta
* Chicago
* Philadelphia
* New York
* Baltimore
* Washington DC

and other places that have an anemic Republican power base in the midst of a DEMOCRATIC PARTY MONOPOLY?

Do you see, biffster, that in your passion to "Keep Your Enemies On Trial" you are unable to look to the places where the "Mission Accomplished" signs for the Progressive-Fundamentalists are affixed to cement pilings marking their permanency.

The next generation of Black people will have our PURPOSE defined more by the academic proficiency bestowed upon them by their ADULT MANAGERS than anything that you can dream up about the evil, racist GOP's efforts to "turn back the clock".