Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Power Of The Draw Of "Red Meat On The Stick" To Distract The Negro

Its that time of the month and our "friend" has returned.   No. No. No.  Not "That" friend.
I am talking about the piece of meat that is dangled on the stick which has the function of hijacking the Black Community Consciousness away from more IMPORTANT issues.  Some people can't see that the source of the "Benign Neglect" - the void within which "Street Pirates" are fomented via the inattention paid to them - is this same set of tactics that are used to keep Black folks focused on watching the PASS PLAYS in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

The latest indictment - The (Racist) Governor Of Mississippi has MARGINALIZED the suffering of Black people in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement.   

My REFOCUSING Attempt as posted on "The Root.com"

Dr Burton:

Do you mind if I move beyond the latest TRANSACTIONAL indictment impart my ANALYSIS by setting up the bigger picture?

With the KKK Snowman in Idaho melted and all of the cheap rented tuxes from the Confederate Secession Ball in SC returned to the store the next transaction of "red meat on a stick" is now being stuck in front of us "Black folks" to bite upon - all in the quest of "Ideological Unity Enforcement".

When Barbour seeks to avoid condemnation of his ancestors......
When Glenn Beck seeks to "clean up" the works of this nation's "Founding Fathers" - promoting their drive for liberty while deemphasizing the scars on this nation's underbelly from slavery.....
When the Neo-Confederates meet in SC and deemphasize slavery.........

WHAT is motivating them Dr Burton?
Surely it must be their quasi-Klan membership in the GOP if some people tell it.

In truth they commiting the sin of 'Cherry Picking". In their desire to avoid the condemnation of their ANCESTORS OR AS they paint the notion that America is the greatest nation ever formed and is a just nation - they deemphasize the plight of those who did not look like these founding fathers as a necesary slight of hand. Not wanting complete truth to cloud their narrative.

Indeed the indictment against them made by most Black people says "In your quest to feel good - YOU are white washing is MY ANCESTORS' OPPRESSION".

For some people nothing short of an unambigous renouncement of the total actions of these RACISTS and an abandonment of their present "Conservatism" will suffice as adequate contrition. The assault of Black people demands no less.

BUT WAIT Dr Burton!!!!
* This past weekend in Metro-Atlanta a Black man was shot 9 times with an automatic weapon
* The week prior a Black college student in central GA had his face blown off as he was shot in the face with a shotgun during a home invasion
* This past spring a Black woman was found decapitated and her hands cut off near Rev Joseph Lowery Blvd in the ATL
* UPDATE - The 27 bullets fired into a car that killed a Black father, hit a pregnant Black woman in the pelvis causing her to deliver 3 months early, hit a 5 year old child in the foot - all while an 8 year old child looked on. THIS happening on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLVD in Atlanta, once again proving - STREET PIRATES DON'T GIVE A DAMN about King any more than does the CCC.

IF we make note that Barbour's M.O. is "PROTECTIONISM of the antics of his people" as a means of Saving Face - I wonder if those of US who are the ANCESTORS of a future population of Black people can pass such an inspection based on our own selectivity of our narrative about TODAY?

While all of these current "Civil Righs Violations" listed above are tragic - none were worthy for publication on the front page of "The Final Call". Instead - the most recent edition shows a picture of a Black man with a noose upon his neck. Though the police rulled it a suicide - many people are not buying it. It smells like a lynching. Since it took place in MS where Barbour is the governor - it must be so. None of the 190 murders in Jackson MS last year is deemed as worthy.

As we consider the carnage that goes on upon our streets today - Civil Rights Violations that are not labeled as such - is there any chance that 40 years from now as people recount all of the POLITICAL victories had locally and nationally by favorable people that many will "CLOUD" their narrative about benefits of our UNITY in the STRUGGLE as they provide detailed notes about the carnage that the Street Pirates have wrought upon our community at the same time?

When I point out with a high degree of predictability that the local "Concerned Black Clergy" is going to be SILENT about what transpires after the weekend shooting spree yet are going to hold a press conference after more attractive "Externally Indictable Offenses" take place - is this any different than what Haley Barbour is guilty of?


The only difference is that TODAY we have HD color video to document these facts instead of black and white flim images that are used to indict Barbour as a "biased editor of history".

IF ONLY there was a UNIVERSALLY ENFORCED rule that those who associate with individuals who speak hateful things about Black folks OR publicly recount their harm inflicted upon Blacks are themselves tarnished.

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