Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lesson To The "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies": Anti-Republicans <> Pro-Black Community Development

Go to the "Ripp Dem Up" blog and scroll down the blog roll as the best evidence to prove my point.  Throughout this rouge gallery you will find the finest "Progressive who are Black" elements of political discourse.

Far be it for me to note that a disproportionate number of those who portend to represent the "heart-beat" of the Black community actually have content that is mostly "Anti-Republican"/"Anti-Conservative".   Their blog sites operate as 'self-chumming' exercises - feeding portions of feeder fish and chopped up squid to the schools of fellow "Progressives who are Black", insuring that their ideological unity is retained with the daily feeding of GOP colored red meat per their appetite.

I have come to the conclusion that these sites are for individual expression.  Regardless of if they are one man shows - like my blog gallery or if they have a cast of several progressive-fundamentalists that all agree to post their views to a given site by an agreed upon publishing deadline - they still are individuals just like me.

My goal is not to censor them or challenge their right to print what they want to.   Instead I only seek to erect a reference framework against which their efforts can be appraised.   Again their skin color does not bind them to authoring "Black community" content or to be transparent in their agenda in support of any particular cause.  I maintain the right to observe all that I read in and do what I do in my real job:  Detect Patterns Of Behavior in an effort to give "constructive feedback".

You see I get paid by my evil corporation to make observations and then to provide professional consulting expertise on how this group of people who operate under the auspices of a corporation can more successfully accomplish the items on their mission statement - of course with the assistance of the products and services that my corporation sells.

I have no products or services to sell to the "Black blogger understudies".  I only can offer my advice.

Please accept my reporting as nothing more than a body of evidence collected over time.  Just as with tenant/landlord disputes - the one who collects a diary of events over time typically wins the court case - when there is an OBJECTIVE judge listening in on the evidence.

The Attempt To Reconcile The Value Of "Offenses" In The Mind Of The Racism Chaser

When I post a series of "negative" depictions of the Black community in which "Street Pirates" are seen as the primary physical threat to the safety within our community I have been called "Anti-Black" per the viewpoint of those who I frequently debate against.   This assessment, in my view, is merely an attempt at "ideological unity enforcement".   

Think back to the days when "A Black man had no rights that a White man need respect".   Those who were "anti-Black" exhibited this trait as they witnessed the brutality used against Black people and stayed silent, insuring that it continued unchallenged.  In fact those who dared to illuminate these offenses against Black people proclaiming that they were "equal human beings" risked attack - being called "Nigger Lovers".  This was an "ideological unity enforcement techniques used by White bigots at the time.

Fast forward to today and apply the same template.  Those who seek to shift the primary focus away from the examples of "Black women crying on the evening news" and focus instead on the antics of their external ideological and political adversaries are said to hold the "consciousness of Black America".  If a person like me dares to assume the 'Ida B Wells" function and expose the assaults that are happening to Black people they accuse me of being a " lover" just as the White bigots from back in the day did.  They can't see how much their own bigotry is like for like with that of the classical White bigot.  And NO - the average White bigot did NOT lynch a Black person.  They maintained their complicit silence as others lynched "equal human beings" with impunity.

They operate as if their antics have no COSTS upon the Black community.  The truth is that the only thing they have is prevailing favor and thus a complicity of silence in the Black rank & file.

They realize that more Black people hate the TRANSACTIONAL antics of the conservative political party in America more than they HATE the condition that they are presently in.  A condition that exists even after they have "voted harder" than ever and won the victory of obtaining a "Black President".   Even though the readers of Essence Magazine give the federal education policies an "A" which is commensurate with the 91% Black support for the president they realize that their jaundiced appraisal as guest judges on "Dancing With The Stars" does not translate into an accurate depiction of the quality of education that transpires in the schools in their community.  Schools that have the "Mission Accomplished" signs as proof of their victory in the struggle.

The Need For A Management Overlay Upon All Ideological Operatives
There are three inexhaustible claims in the minds of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers:

  1. The Power of White Supremacy To Derail Black Progressivism - Even When The Leave Blacks All Alone By Themselves
  2. The Damage Done By The Legacy Of Slavery That Somehow Jumps The "Generational Synapse" Into Newborn Black Babies Born Today
  3. The Need For Black People To Stay Politically and Ideologically Unified Lest "The Adversary" Turn Back The Clock
Sadly few people have demanded an actual mug shot depicting the face of this adversary so that we can "be on the look out" for this dangerous street pirate that molests us at every turn.  Instead it appears that voting "Straight Ticket Democrat" is a sufficient countermeasure.  This despite the fact that the places that have eradicated the enemy still suffer from the same conditions.

Is it possible that voting itself is not the cure?  That the problems that are present are within a domain other than the "American Political Domain"?

Those who self-chum have no interests other than ideological enforcement and politics.  They would rather have a Black person who agrees with them but, when channeled are not able to articulate a defense of their position to ME - a Black man who can not only articulate my own positions but can tell them WHY their theories are flawed and will never achieve the ends that they are "struggling for".

I am beginning to see that this is the point.  Their goal is not to achieve a particular end other than Ideological Unity.

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