Saturday, December 11, 2010

If Prometheus 6 Took Away The INTENTION Of "Destruction" And Looked At The RESULTS - We'd Be BFFs

Put this in the "Next Logical Question" category. 

Where as Prometheus 6 notices that there are "Republicans who have the INTENTION of destroying an institution that they are put in power over"....................................I am not sure that he is able to express his "intellectual curiosity" and imagine the presence of..............

Progressive Fundamentalists Who Take Over Institutions With The INTENTIONS Of Fixing Them Yet They Destroy Them

My friend P6 has yet another  "Keeper Of The Gate Around Black America" blog while so rarely actually talking about the situation WITHIN the Back community".  If he is not a member of AfroSpear he surely is "down with them" in spirit.

I don't bother posting on his blog because he would rather talk about so called "Black conservatives" than debating with an actual one.  Besides I have yet to figure out how to translate my words as he encrypts them so that no one else can read what I type.   I am not sure if this is better than just being deleted as some others go.

Just imagine of P6 made observations upon the key institutions that are resident in the Black community and made sure that "Black people were not LIED to" as those forces that he and other progressives had promoted into power don't destroy them?  Since they all are ideological compatible to his world view there is little that they can do to fail him.

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