Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How "Non-White White Supremacy" Can Make Inanimate Objects Into Superior Objects Of Focus

Sad but true.

This Is One Snow Flake.It is made by a natural process in the sky.
These are a bunch of snowflakes. When they fall from the sky per the natural process a snow storm is created. 
These are the hands of a White man.   These hands are attached to a body that is made of 60% water - an EQUAL amount of all other human beings and a compound that is common with the snow flake above.
This Is A "KKK Snowman" that the White Hands above scooped up some snow and shaped into a sculpture who's form caused much consternation among some people. 
This is the state of Idaho.  In this state resides the KKK Snow man and the White man who added value to the snow.  The snow man will likely melt in a few months.  The White man who sculpted the snow and make it an object of interest will likely reside there long past the spring thaw.
This is the logo for "AfroSpear".  It bills itself as: "The Afrosphere is an international movement consisting of all Black blogs working toward Black political, cultural, economic self-determination."

This Is A Map Of The Route Between Philadelphia and Idaho Where The KKK Snowman Resides:  2,440 Miles Away.

The Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear lives in Philadelphia.

The White man who made the KKK snowman lives in Idaho

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With so many issues threatening the "self-determination" of the Black community - how is it that the KKK snowman in Idaho was promoted as a priority?

If there is a snow storm in Philadelphia some time soon and there a snowman made in the form of a Street Pirate - would such a figure be worthy of presentation on AfroSpear?

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