Friday, December 10, 2010

Black Farmer Payout Hailed As A "Civil Rights Victory"

Cord Jefferson:  For Black Farmers The Check Is Finally In the Mail
[quote]President Barack Obama brought to a close decades of government-sponsored racial injustice -- or at least two chapters in a lengthy book.[/quote]

Mr Jefferson:

As I try to rationalize this massive "Civil Rights Victory" for the RACISM that has transpired against Black farmers...................since 1983(!!!!)....I try to understand how this is anything but a "race loyalty litmus test".

The program in question that was "racist" was set up by the Depart of Ag as a "last chance" farm credit program for farmers that could not obtain loans from traditional sources (banks, etc). All of these farmers - White and Black - came to the program as "at risk business ventures". Other entities that appraised their situation deemed them all as too great of a credit risk.

The department agreed that there was racism involved in the distribution of these loans and thus the settlement. Here is where our ideological differences and my challenge of the SCOPE of the real problem differs from yours.

I always like to understand the exchange of equal values that are involved in each TRANSACTION. In this settlement with the Black farmers clearly the money paid was the item of value. I challenge you, Mr Jefferson - please tell us what was transacted from the Black farmers to the government? They are in the business of producing crops and livestock for the marketplace. Yet we now hear an indictment against the government that the government racism CAUSED many of them to shut down for business. In my estimation the return trip in the transaction from the Black farmers was that they would now agree that the government is "JUST".

Lost in this narrative is their business condition prior to being "discriminated against". We hear activists talking about "Food Deserts" within certain "underserved" communities. When we came across a group of Black farmers who clearly needed a new market to sell into in order to become more viable AND billions from the government in a payoff for the indictment of RACISM - the same Black Progressives who promoted these two indictments never were seen CONNECTING the two.

Instead you all are comforted that private citizens who were farmers will receive a check from the government - NOT in response to an "Invoice for services rendered" per the needs of the government but as an INDICTMENT against RACISM. All the while the need for "fresh produce" to keep people out of McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King go unmet.

As we hear stories about other parts of the Black Diaspora and their need for a FOOD DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - let me ask you Mr Jefferson - is the challenge in these places "RACISM" or is there a need for a group of people who have skills in wholesale food production and distribution - they having learned this in their HOME COUNTRY and are now acting as "Humanitarians" as they venture outward.

Mr Jefferson - could you tell me again what the "VICTORY" was? WHO won? What did they win?

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