Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Rachael Maddow And Some "Progressives Who Are Black" Focus Upon In The Keith Olbermann Scandal

If you ever want to know why certain people with a certain ideology fail to actually "progress" but instead stagnate - look no further than the recent scandal with leftwing bomb thrower Keith Olbermann.

In the various arguments from the left to defend the campaign contributions of Keith Olbermann that got him suspended their main exculpatory evidence used to defend Olbermann was the contributions that FOX NEWS hosts had executed upon.

Let's set this up properly.  On MSNBC and various leftist circles Fox News is dismissed as a "non-news organization".   Even the President of the United States says that Fox is a threat to the country.  (Afterward he invited "Media Matters" operatives in to the White House).

If we take the "Professional Left" at their word we must conclude that it is STANDARDS that raises MSNBC over Fox News.  "They don't do certain things that Fox does".

Ironically when one of the darlings of "The Professional Left" is busted by a muckraking media blog, Politico, as having made several political contributions - what did we see "The Professional Left" do as a defense?

  1. Point to their HIGHER standards and make the case that indeed Olbermann had violated them, diving in the mud with Fox?
  2. Use Fox News as the reference standard for Keith Olbermann's actions.  "Why are you punishing Keith Olbermann when Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others have done the same thing?"

Take this same concept and apply them as a frequently used antic by "The Professional Left".  They are not interested in promoting high standards.   When they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar they are merely interested in lowering the standard to the lowest common denominator.  

You believe that they are the "moral compass" of this nation at your own peril. 

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