Thursday, November 4, 2010

What If The Next Republican President Took The Advice Of These White Liberal Snarling Foxes In Regards To Meeting W/ The CBC?

I am trying desperately to avoid doing the photographic negative of what bothered me so much today as I listened to the local "Fight The Power" radio station: In the face of certain intractable problems within the Black community that were discussed - find a "White person who did the same thing" as a means of soothing one's mind.

However I recall that when Republican George W Bush was in office it was the Congressional Black Caucus who attacked him for refusing to meet with them to discuss "Black issues".  Bush knows as Moore and O'Donnell knows - when you meet with your ideological and partisan adversary who has the goal of "getting you out of the office" - you don't leave yourself unguarded.

The correction to both of these flawed analysis is provided with a more accurate premise.

As a voter MY GOAL is "NOT" to "insure that Obama has another term" OR that the Republicans are kept in check.  The bulk of the problems that we face with our broken political system is that the rank & file is using the political system as a proxy for their ideological fight.

The best way that President Obama can insure he has a second term is to clearly identify the key problems with the nation, lay out REASONABLE plans on how to mitigate the harm and execute these points that can be done in a given time frame while articulating those elements that require a more long term vision and leadership.   With the incremental plan in place toward this end both Democrat and Republican can lay out their agenda in reference to this goal.

Today we have nothing but ideologues that are destroying this nation because they are not focused on the streets but instead what is going on in the legislative halls.

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