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We Are Progressive-Fundamentalist Negroes - Who Live Vicariously Through Obama

We Are Respectable Negroes blog: They Are So Old School: Hiram Maxim, The Echoes Of History and the Bigotry of the New Right in the Age Of Obama

QUESTION;  Why do Black people need to STAY UNIFIED (as long as it is BEHIND OBAMA) and not be tricked into criticizing him?

ANSWER:  Because the people who are attacking him already are RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We must understand the argument made by the "Progressives who are Democrats".  

Those who seek to advance their Progressive/Democratic agenda without challenge hope that you will overemphasize the force of RACISM in relation to the other legitimate points of criticism of President Obama.  If they can enlist you in the fight against RACISM you won't bother to focus on the legitimate points of criticism.   And no not just the ones where he has not been as LEFTIST as you desire.  I am speaking of absolute measures of effectiveness.

You see - I have noted before that PROGRESSIVISM IS INORGANIC.
As such they claim that their "Racism" shown in the 96% vote for Obama and the 91% present support for Obama by Black Americans is in RESPONSE TO the ORGANIC RACISM had by the White Right-wing.   In effect they don't have any "organic racism".  Their "racialism" is a necessary rebuttal to the real RACISM that is suffered from their enemies.

Chauncy DeVega needs to have us focused on "racism chasing".  IF we Black people slip up and begin to question why the decades of support and the placement of "favorable people" into power the conditions in so many of our communities are as such then people like DeVega are forced into introspection of their own beliefs and the point of COMPLICITY that they have in erecting the present governance regime in Black America.   It is thus vitally important that they maintain a siege mentality, protecting the Progressives.  Protecting Obama.

Why is it that their actions done under the cover of race are not considered in the same light as their ideological enemies?

The fraud that they execute is intended to shift the inspection made by the Black community away from the competencies of the leadership that we as a community have hoisted upon our institutions, over to an indictment of the broader society - the ubiquitous and amorphous RACISTS in particular.

From The "We Are Respectable Negroes" blog

Mr DeVega:

Can you set up a scenario by which

1) A US President DOES NOT have a loyal opposition for no other reason than his ideological and partisan differences?

2) A BLACK President's opposition IS NOT called RACIST by you? (This Black President being favorable to YOU not withstanding)

The best thing that you can say is that "I have never had a President that I was so attached to AND thus the attacks against him are felt more PERSONALLY by me". The claims of "No other recent president has been attacked as much as Obama has is pure B.S. ". Second only to the Anti-War activities, Obama's term being adjacent to Bush's also provides a point of reference about the DEMAND "respect for the office" has also changed.

I do credit you Mr DeVega. You are far more articulate than many of the other Left-Wing Fundamentalist/ Racism Chasing blogs. Though you both end up in the same position, your narrative course is far more enticing.

Here is what I have learned after careful study of you and others:

You need to keep your enemies on trial as an indictment for the present condition of Black people so that you can avoid the painful truth that a transparent inspection of the PEOPLE AND POLICIES that you have hoisted into power with the auspices of "Helping The Black Community". Despite their growth in POWER over the key institutions of our communities - they avoid your condemnation. Their failures to deliver MUST be due to the White Conservative attempts to up end them. No where in your mind might this be due to failed theories that they possess.

Talk to us about the state of Education for Black people Chauncey - the systems that FAVORABLE PEOPLE to you have been running for about 30 years. What about the economic development in these same communities? The public safety?

Strip away the focus on the "White Right Wing" and you are left naked, having to ponder an inspection of what you have fielded as a solution.

For you "RACISM" is seen in the White voters in AL and MS voting for John McCain to the tune of 89% and 91% respectively. When we look at how the Black voter chose at the rate of 96% to promote the MACHINE that already controls all of our LOCAL civic institutions into the WHITE HOUSE in addition to their control over both houses of Congress - this was not RACISM but "Black people knowing who has our best interests in mind".

It is time for you, Mr DeVega to document WHERE our "Permanent Interests" have been ORGANICALLY developed in the "Progressive Mission Accomplished" areas where they operate in an uncontested manner per your efforts and advocacy.

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