Friday, November 5, 2010

Warren Ballentine Says - When They Talk About {Mystery Government Official} They Are Talking About YOU, Black Man!"

From the Wednesday Warren Ballentine Show

"He went to the best schools and got a quality education just as they told Black people to do and still they try to bring him down"

"They told us to speak articulately and yet they talk about him like a dog"

You all need to see that when THEY are tearing HIM down THEY are tearing you and all other Black people down.

We are fighting WHITE SUPREMACY who does not want to lose its power. They are wanting to tear down HIM and all other Black people.

"Black people I LOVE YOU. You will never know how much I love you. We need to stick together and FIGHT. We need to LOVE EACH OTHER. We need to make sure that NO ONE DISRESPECTS us as they try to disrespect HIM. We need to stand beside him.


Stay with me people.

Now even though you thought that Ballentine was talking about this guy.

I need for you to first watch THIS video:

Now imagine if you were forced to insert THIS BLACK MAN'S picture into the frame above?
Doesn't he hold an "official office"?
Why then is it that the "Black Defenders" are often heard saying the very same words that thousands of Black men heard just prior to them being lynched?

  1. YOU need to decide if "RACE" has an ideological component to it.
  2. IF you say that his IDEOLOGY is a threat to Black people then please explain why you are so silent about IDEOLOGY of "The Street Pirate" who rakes up far more murders and assaults of Black people than does this man.  Prior to the "death sentence" reaches this man's desks an array of checks and balances have been executed upon.   While the Street Pirate acts on his own accord he is ultimately not an IDEOLOGICAL threat to you and thus he passes under your radar.

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