Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Strategy Of Claiming Voter Fraud - Rachel Maddow Please Meet Jack & Jill Politics

See the 4:40 mark.

Now let us look at the following post with Jack & Jill Politics.
Election Protection & Voter Suppression

So here is an example of "Mall Cop" fraud.

For the progressive Rachel Maddow - who never saw a "Black Street Pirate Murder" that was EQUAL to that of a right wing murder we hear one side of the dynamic of voting politics - claims of "Voter Fraud" as a means of a gateway to more strict scrutiny of voting rights.

Notice that the Mall Cop - Rachael Maddow would see the racism chasing done by the Civil Rights Democrat groups in which they scour the nation looking for examples of how Black people have had their voting rights suppressed by some election day drama - Dr Maddow does not label this with the same nefarious intent.

Even when the voting process is administered by Black Democrats and their own incompetency in following procedures is the reason for the glitch (see Fulton County Georgia) the narrative that "Black people had their voting rights suppressed" rings true as a grievance.

I am working on a brand new post that is tentatively labeled:  "Has The Grio or The Root ever did a report that was critical of their own corporate sponsors"?

If you think that Dr Maddow was going to get any hard ball questions from the interviewer from TheGrio when their site is a spawn of MSNBC you are indeed mistaken.

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