Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scanning The HuffPo Comments Section

In the HuffPo article "Is Black Political Power Under Siege" I did something that I don't ever recall doing before: Read the comments section.

A few years ago I called out HuffPo educational activist Dan Brown for his exodus of a "Black school" which he called a "jungle" only to later write a book about his experience. He saw my blog and asked me to come over to HuffPo to debate his. I REFUSED. I will never create an account on HuffPo - the key vehicle that propagates the unconsciousness that is abundant in the political discourse within my community.

As I read many of the comments which tell about the quest that Black people are upon for equal treatment and quality education I am stunned by the viewpoints of the posters.  Simply put - there is no amount of control that the Progressives will ever obtain over the institutions that SHOULD BE delivering these promised benefits for the Progressive-Fundamentalists to begin to look at their own failures to deliver instead of chasing after conservative-bigots.

Select snippets of posts from "Black HuffPo Co-conspirators":


It is not a simple issue of economics. What you are doing is trying to whittle it down to a welfare issue which is the pervasive myth that has existed since the 70's and beyond. Black people vote lockstep with the Democratic party because they are the only ones willing to address the myriad social issues that affect us. For example, the readjusting of the cocaine sentencing guidelines, police brutality, community development, education, hate crimes etc.
If the Republican party was not so hostile to minorities perhaps more of us would join, but they continually spout vitriol that attacks us as a community. I live in Georgia where our newly elected Republican Governor was quoted as making references to "ghetto grandma's" and proudly proclaimed voting against the voting rights act.
"Blacks" have pondered the cost of our political role and we find it to be much more beneficial than the alternative. And for the record not all black people are welfare babies as you are insinuating. Maybe if you NOT so rich Republican "Whites" pondered the true cost of the political role you play you would vote with us before you end up on the same welfare you accuse us of receiving because of your dedication to your racism. If you make less than 250K a year your precious Republicans DO NOT CARE about you regardless of color and they will make you poor before they are finished.

How condescending. We, the Blacks, should ignore our collective experiences and listen to you, and all of our problems will be solved. Of course! You know, before the Civil Rights era, black people voted Republican, because they were the party of Abe Lincoln and the Radical Republicans that fought, died, and were even lynched alongside my forefathers in an effort to attain equality. What changed? The introduction of 'The Southern Strategy', the flight of Dixie-crats to the Republican Party in response to LBJ signing civil rights legislation. You conservatives always link minorities with welfare, poverty, and drug abuse, yet whites dominate those categories in reality. No one wants a handout, you jackasses, just a fair shot at the American Dream. What we need in the Black community is for public education to be fair across the board, not being funded by local property taxes. That alone traps people from certain areas, let's say 'ghettos', into perpetual poverty, because our children go to substandard schools, while affluent kids go to excellent, well-funded schools. Why not fund public schools exactly alike, and if rich parents want more for their kids school, so be it. We just want a fair shake, which is, fundamentally, the 'American Way'. The conservative response? Kill the Dept. of Ed. Really? Who does that help? Why would anyone from our community vote for that? BTW, what, exactly, is wrong with ACORN? Like, what did they do that was illegal? I'll wait!

I assure you that for both dudecrush and OnestopHipHopFrazier there is no telling them how misdirected they are. They are the perfect archetypes of "Permanent Chasers".

They both talk about the quest by Black America for "Quality Education". If you notice - neither one of them are inclined to talk about the success of the "Struggle" in procuring control over the educational systems that are today failing to provide quality services to our people. One stop goes on to make quality education a function of EQUAL PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL FUNDING. With the previous goal of "putting people into place that love Black children and care about our community" having been obtained - they now have a new target. Again if you believe that someone from this crowd of Black Progressives are going to stand up and say "Wait a cotton picking minute!!! I followed loyally in support of the goal to take over the schools. Why don't you prove to me that our education benefited from this previous goal before I continue to follow you through the next interval?".

The reason why we are not going to hear such a notation is because "Progressivism Is In-Organic.

By scaling up their indictment against the "unequal funding" of the public schools the progressive-fundamentalist sets up a new phase of permanent struggle. They want the strong hand of the central government to be the distribution agent for schools nationally.

If and when their enemies exit public schools and choose to fund their own private schools at a desired rate - rest assure that OneStop will ratchet up his struggle - demanding that all public schools receive funding commensurate to the private schools, stripping away their advantage.

If you believe that this is ever going to stop from their own initiative - you are sadly mistaken.

This indictment IS the substance of their political ideology and associated motion.

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