Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michael Eric Dyson Demands That Obama Become A Race Mongerer And A Class Exploiter

I realize that the "Professional Left Blacks" are hurting today and as a result they will say anything.

Go to the 1:40 mark in the video and tell me that I am not hearing what I think I just heard.

GONE is the "unity" message instead Dyson tells his guy Obama that he needs to become:

  • A Race Man
  • Use Ethnicity As A Shield
  • A Class Man
Michael Eric Dyson states that Obama failed to brag about his "accomplishments" and had no narrative.

What Dr Dyson fails to realize is that BOTH of these elements were injected into the Black community by the "Lampblack Yellow Journalists".

(Note: "Lampblack Yellow Journalist" is NOT empty slander on my part.  It does NOT represent my own ideological intolerance.   It IS a term that identifies so-called Black Journalists who routinely leverage their own IDEOLOGICAL bigotry to advance their notions of racial progress BUT only for the benefit of their viewpoint in the American Political Domain.   In doing so they are forced to look past the CONNECTION between the continuing problems within the Black community and the aggregate intransigence which has failed to substantively address it.

When given the choice between INSPECTING the actual efficacy of their own methodology and blaming the continuing problems on White/Capitalistic RACISM - they go for racism because it allows them to retain their own ideological comfort without running against the grain.  

With this as their modality their jounalistic efforts consists of going out to PROVE their claims of racism and conservative ideological undercutting of the Black interests as the prime problem.

In addition the evidence of growing progressive power over our communities and in the hands of their White and progressive special interest partners does not provoke THEM to switch their critique upon their own ideological home, with the purposes of obtaining more proficiency rather than raw power.   These two points represent the distinction between Black people being used as a pawn for progressive/Democratic POWER versus Black people's interests being addressed through the competency construction that is fomented via the institutions that are now controlled by favorable people.

Their loyalties prevent them from scrutinizing the main force that is derailing the Black community's interests today:   The Black Progressive Establishment Overlay and its unwillingness to MANAGE the human resources that are attached to it.  They prefer an externally focused struggle for unity purposes).

Dr Dyson what do you think that:
  • Eugene Robinson
  • Earl Ofari Hutchenson
  • Cynthia Tucker
  • Bob Herbert 
  • Stanley Crouch
  • Leonard Pitts
  • Tonya Weathersbee
  • Derrick Z Jackson
  • DeWayne Wickham
  • Errol Lewis
  • Charles Blow
  • Hazel Trice Edney
  • Rochelle Riley 
  • Roland Martin
have all been doing for the past 3 years?

Mr Dyson the corruption of the Black Press has reached an all time high.

There is little correlation between what is happening on the streets of Black America as it is governed by favorable people to you AND what is likely to be reported upon or opined by the "usual suspects".

The truth is that you all have 100% folded the "Black Community Development" agenda in with the Democratic Party and Progressive ideological entrenchment.

IF you indeed were a "Race Man" you would demand a recalibration, adopting a strategy that is more EFFECTIVE. 

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