Friday, November 5, 2010

Its A Good Thing That Media Matters, Huffington Post and AfroSpear Don't Have Similar Standards

MSNBC Suspends Progressive-Fundamentalist Host Keith Olbermann For His Political Campaign Donations To Various Democrats

NEW YORK — MSNBC has suspended prime-time host Keith Olbermann indefinitely without pay for contributing to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates this election season.

Olbermann acknowledged to NBC that he donated $2,400 apiece to the campaigns of Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway and Arizona Reps. Raul Grivalva and Gabrielle Giffords.

NBC News prohibits its employees from working on, or donating to, political campaigns unless a special exception is granted by the news division president — effectively a ban. Olbermann's bosses did not find out about the donations until after they were made. The website Politico first reported the donations.

"I became aware of Keith's political contributions late last night," Phil Griffin, MSNBC's chief executive, said Friday. "Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay."

How ironic. "Color Of Change" has a "Turn Off Fox" campaign and has been trying to get Fox Host Glenn Beck off of the air for a long while.  George Soros recently funded such an effort.

Turns out that their BFF White Liberal Snarling Fox was the first to go instead.

This would be a great time for "Color Of Change" and "AfroSpear" to do a mass protest in front of the MSNBC headquarters DEMANDING that they hire a "Black Progressive" as Olbermann's replacement.  You know, seeing that DIVERSITY is the goal of the "Progressive who is Black" and the White Liberal Snarling Foxes who convinces him of their commitment to the concept.

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