Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Agree With Keith Olbermann's Words - But ONLY If He Wasn't Attempting To Absolve Himself

I am forced to agree with Olbermann that the past slate of journalists were not objective.

Keith Olbermann and other operatives from MSNBC merely suffer from the notion that their INTENTIONS make their antics justified.

Olbermann claims that he has been far more critical of Obama than has been Fox News. What he fails to note is that he is critical of Obama FROM THE LEFT. He does not criticize Obama or anyone else from the perspective of absolute results. In as much as the right-wing is the source of organic evil - he positions himself as needing to cast low blows against them in defense from their low blows. No one with an objective viewpoint would claim that MSNBC is any less biased than is Fox News.

They both will cherry pick the favorable points which prove their objectivity. The problem is that they fail to make note of the other facts that lay upon the ground.

Olbermann is attacking Ted Koppel about being silent against the Iraq War. It is quite interesting that we now have an Afghanistan War that has "mission creeped" far beyond its original purpose. People like Olbermann would have you to believe that a war STARTED under false pretenses is more evil than a war that spirals along have adopted new justifications.

In the case of torture - Waterboarding of 3 terror suspects is "torture" yet using predator drones to blow up an entire household that is thought to contain a terrorist - while also killing his wife and children IS NOT.

The real power of the leftist press is its ability to KEEP THEIR ENEMIES ON TRIAL as they look past the present offensive that would bother them IF there was an adversarial Commander In Chief in place.

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