Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bigot Bill Maher Once Again Makes The Case: Right-Wing Has Organic Evil. Left-Wing's Antics Are Merely A Response To Evil-Right

The power of "INTENTIONS" and "INDICTMENTS" are the "Yin and Yank" of leftism.

I assure you that the average Progressive-fundamentalist who listens to this diatribe by Bill Maher would have their beliefs reaffirmed.

Though there are mercifully few points of "violence" had by the Tea Party gatherings in the past few years large leftist gatherings have been indeed violent:

  • In Pittsburgh when the G20 Summit came to town
  • In Oakland in response to the transit police shooting of Oscar Grant - downtown Oakland was torched
  • In France (and other European nations) those who were pissed at the planned austerity plans to allow the nation to survive took to the streets.  They torched cars and broke windows.
Bill Maher will always have his own version of events that highlight his own bigoted viewpoint.

Notice how the non-partisan "Restore Sanity" rally is heralded as an accomplishment because it was "bigger than Glenn Beck's right wing rally" yet Maher and many other Progressive Fundamentalists gloss over "October 2, 2010" - the day the Labor Left came to town.  Of these 3 marches which were branded as "Left wing" and political?

Why did Bill Maher make use of a "non-partisan" rally rather than mention the size of the unabashedly LEFTIST march?   Do you see why with these "inspectors" that no one noticed that those who came to town on Oct 2nd and claimed to "follow King" did not want to have an ANTI-WAR march because they did not want to up-end the present "Commander in Chief".  

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