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Beware Of The "Whites Only" Sign That Is Dangled In Front Of You, Its Chain Rattles To Elicit Fear Within You

From The "We Are Respectable Negroes" blog

A Focus On Defensive End Sarah Palin And Her Attack On Kickoff Returner Michelle Obama In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"

My second reply
My Friend Chauncey:

I have since read Richard Cohen's article and your piece and the other posts on this platform for public intelectual discourse.

Having watched a documentary on former DC mayor Marion Berry last night I now have an even greater perception of where you, Cohen and Tim Wise reside with respect to the clear and present circumstances of the American Negro.

You see for Cohen the "Whites Only" sign that he saw in Washington DC as a child is a more powerful indictment which explains the "INFERIOR" standing of the American Black today - economically, academically, and tactically than is the evidence that "colored men" in the seats of power today offer as evidence that things have changed.

Big picture-wise Chauncey - when I see those black and white 8mm video tapes of the signs and the brutal White cops from back in the day instead of using that as my world reference for today I choose to look at the present images that are show in color, high definition having been transmitted from the reporters remote camera via microwave, too often from the crime scene in the 8th Ward. This section represented by Berry is a mere 8 miles from the White House.

With a favorable police chief that was appointed by the 6th (or so) Black mayor in control of the city - we can safely say that the SEATS OF POWER who ENFORCED the laws and the WORLD VIEW that the "Whites Only Signs" signified - are now BLACK AMERICANS!!!!

You, like Cohen need to ask yourself Chauncey - WHY are these images of the PAST so POWERFUL to you to-damned-day that they cause your conscious mind to gloss over that which the PRESENT people in power erect upon your people, channeling them down a certain course to continued incompetence and inferiority per the lack of material proof that their PROGRESS is nigh?

If this is a key reference in time that Sarah Palin wants to TAKE US BACK TO if she ever gets seated in the house 2 miles from 8th Ward ........why isn't there more inspection by you of those operatives who support and DEFEND the present power establishment over these communities who TAUNT THE NEGRO with black and white images to engender FEAR of what their disposal from power my bring forth yet have FAILED to leverage their power to build up organic competencies within these communities that now have the "Whites Only" signs removed from them?

My First Reply - The Administrator had not initially approved it. I record it here as a means of protecting my own ideas from the delete key of another.

My friend Chauncey:

I did not read your post here.
I did not read Cohen's article.

Instead I registered another tick mark in my count of "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" blogs that are generating content about SARAH PALIN.

You see, Chauncey when the great Malcolm X warned us about "The Political Football Game between White Conservative and White Progressive" he was warning conscious Black people about the perils of taking up the cause NOT OF YOUR OWN but which is solely within the domain of AMERICAN POLITICS.

You see Chauncey the one thing that I have a skill for is "pattern matching". Instead of remaining at the TRANSACTIONAL level, eating up the "self-chum" that is propagated by certain Progressive-Fundamentalists to keep me "Ideologically Unified" and within a "racial siege mentality" I instead make note of a pattern.

At a time when the Black community's key institutions are controlled by "Respectable Favorable Negroes" and "White Progressive Snarling Foxes" that meet the popular approval - there is more content on the "Progressives that are Black" blogs that focus upon ideological adversaries like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Steele and Clarence Thomas than there is transparent and critical appraisal about the people who are actually in the seats of power over these key institutions.

Malcolm X in his wisdom realize the POWER that the obfuscation that is so readily apparent has, to the negation of the interests of the Black community.

Sarah Palin IS NOT A THREAT TO "THE BLACK COMMUNITY". She is ONLY a threat to Democrats and Progressive policies. It is ONLY the fact that the Black community has fused these two methodologies as "Certified Black" that Palin is problematic.

Tell me Chauncey - in response to the report about Black male academic performance - what did you write?

You posted Moynehan's words and a reference to 72% of OOWB. The Sarah Palin post showed more passion from you than did the peril surrounding our young brothers.

It all comes down to two things brother Chauncey:


Failing to implement BOTH in equal measure as you show yourself to be a SCIENTIST in support of mitigating the problems in our community - Sarah Palin from Alaska gets promoted as a grand threat to you and others.

The BIGGEST threat to Black people per my view is the BENIGN NEGLECT that takes place as otherwise good brothers like you get distracted with other non-priority issues.

Pull up brother. We have bigger fish to fry

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