Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why The Progressives Are Swarming After Glenn Beck

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Notice how as they attack Glenn Beck and call then a RACIST and say that he is a conspiracy theorist - they never say that he is lying about the close network of progressive political operatives that he is exposing.

I have no problem with progressives collaborating to achieve their political agenda. I only have a problem when they PRETEND that they are advancing the interests of the Black community as they work to enforce "Ideological Unity".

They are so TRANSACTION based that it is stunning. Each day we are notified of some racist Republican offense. THIS is enough to justify Black "struggling harder" at doing what we are doing, never looking back at the lands that are already under their firm control to look for results. Such an offense by one White man is more powerful than the offense of failing schools that are derailing the future of our young people.

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