Friday, October 1, 2010 Goes To DC As A March Participant This Time Instead Of A Critic

A content contributor from plans to attend this weekend's PROGRESSIVE rally. Not as a journalist but as a participant. This is not a surprise.

The surprise that I have relates to how the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is able to induce amnesia as to the land that he now controls after several decades of struggle. While in this induced state he is able to go to Washington DC and:
  • Protest FOR Quality Education For Black people - but not realize that his prior protests lead him to his present control over the schools that are failing
  • Protest FOR Justice - but this does not include the civil rights violations that are occurring WITHIN the Black Community as street pirates terrorize our people
  • Protest FOR Jobs - never having to admit that after he won his struggle for political control over his area - the regulation and taxes placed upon the "consumers of labor" played a part in their departure.  All of them did not "move overseas".  Many shutdown or moved to a less hostile place in a "right to work" state.

Sherrilyn Ifill Progressive Are Getting Confused Between The Oct 2nd Progressive March And The Stewart/Colbert March Of Oct 30 - The Joke Is On Who?

Ms Ifill:

Your accounts of this Progressive march on Saturday highlights the problem with The

You are "attending" this march of hundreds of Progressive-Fundamentalist organizations. When it came to the "Glenn Beck Rally" - The "SENT" a swarm of reporters to "figure out" what these people are thinking with the intent of presenting the most biased and skeptical viewpoint. You sent others to the nearby "Al Shartpon and MoveOn.ORG Rally" and instead of skepticism I read your accounts of people who attended the original march in 1963 and how "wonderful" they thought that the 2010 rally was.

Do you find it ironic, Ms Ifill that this Saturday's march is a rally for "jobs justice and education" when, in fact, where Black people live in our highest concentrations - the PREVIOUS activism has it so that "favorable people" are in place right now, they having promised to provided these things to Black people upon election?

Do you see Ms Ifill: "Progressivism is IN-organic". It is a "struggle" milieu. When it assumes the seat of POWER and yet the condition of the people who promoted it into power fails to change - those "permanent-strugglers" don't continue protesting AGAINST the people who are now in these seats of power per their liking. Instead they find out where their ideological enemies have gone and protest against them.

Ms Ifill:

* Do Black people lack "Quality Schools" due to some force beyond those adults who have the final say upon the young people who sit in the seats? (The Parents, the school administrators, the school system administration, the adults in the community)

* Are the biggest INJUSTICES that Black people face in 2010 related to Crack being punished more harshly than powder OR the murderous rampage of "Street Pirate Gangs" who shoot up our communities as they sell crack and other drugs? WHO is in office to protect our seats other than the police chief that was appointed by the mayor that you voted for?

* Look at where Progressivism is unchecked by any countervailing force as it has its "Mission Accomplished" banner firmly planted and you are very likely to see a place with above normal unemployment. You won the battle but ran away the "Consumers of Labor" - your long time adversary. Those who used to be WORKERS, and who were given a "living wage" now are merely people looking for a job. Their adversary who was said to be "EXPLOITING THEM" has decided to stop "exploiting them". Are they better off Ms Ifill?

Do you see that after your ideology has run its course and is now the prevailing power over the local institutions new techniques are required so that the people's interests are not injured by your ideological entrenchment.

Sadly the Progressive-Fundamentalist is not willing to allow the hard facts about his circumstance to trigger some needed INTROSPECTION. With the domain under his control suffering ill-effects he simply SCALES UP his protests, outward toward the next higher domain.

Ms Ifill - do you see that body of water in front of you? That is the "Pacific Ocean". The Progressive-Fundamentalist movement has no more land to expand to as a means of appeasing your desire for "motion". All "motion" is not FORWARD motion. It is time for the Progressive-Fundamentalists to TURN AROUND and start to MANAGE the lands that you now have control over. You need to build up ORGANIC-COMPETENCIES within the people. Instead you prefer to raid the lock boxes of others as your man point of IDEOLOGICAL UNITY.

YOU have control over our schools. Show that you do value our children, NOT just by demanding that the nation show that it values them. Instead you need to teach them a new consciousness by which they value themselves and this will be expressed by how they treat their peers. Do this and the majority of the problems within would be solved.

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