Monday, October 25, 2010

The Markets Obama Care To Blacks

What Health Care Reforms Means For African Americans. by Cord Jefferson

Please take my newly crafted diagram and apply it to the arguments used by Cord Jefferson from "The" to sell Government Health Care to Black people:

My rebuttal to Cord Jefferson:
Mr Cord Jefferson:
Another excellent piece in marketing the benefits of progressivism to the Black community. We must stay unified in order to receive these benefits. Let's agree to look past the improbable fiscal benefits lest we derail the scheme.
Social Justice = The benefits of the "Social Contract" that Black people have due to us from the institutions in this nation
Competency Development = the mandate that the Black Community leverage the civic institutions at its disposal to develop the human resources in our community to become the main professional service providers that bring forth the desired Standard of Living that we all seek.
Which of these two are you a student of Mr Jefferson?
In front of me is a printout of your article in which I have underlined all that the Black community is to receive as a net addition of services. These services that were previously not affordable to the masses, except for the stroke of a pen are now available to us in abundance. Merely by controlling the oppressive insurance companies and the profiteering medical suppliers all of these benefits will be opened up. Of course, we are told that not only will these services be made affordable but this reform is going to lead to large savings for the nation. (A claimed $940 billion over 10 years).
Of course we both know that the sales job necessary to get a bill signed or a voting ballot checked is very different from the sober results that transpire in the real world, long after this vote of approval.
What I don't see in your article, Mr Jefferson is the promotion of the "Healthy Lifestyle and Dietary" mandates that is necessary for Black people to not suffer from:
* Chronic Diseases
* Diabetes
You mention the program promoted from on high called "Let's Move" and this, you surmise, is a checklist item that qualifies as the necessary reform that will penetrate down far enough to change the cooking habits seen in every pot in our kitchens. If only your ideological adversaries could make checklists that escape your scrutiny for the chances of their EFFECTIVENESS and COMPREHENSIVENESS, Mr Jefferson.
Surely those among our people that advance exercise, radical dietary changes, natural remedies and avoidance of the drugs that are offered by the Big Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex for the purpose of profit will have problems with your plans that promise more drugs to more Black people as the cure.
Mr Jefferson - I have a house guest with me from the UK for a planned 2 week stay. She is of Jamaican ancestry as if my wife but has been living in the UK for 17 years. For the past 5 days I have been extracting every bit of information from her regarding the conditions of Black people in the UK in the context of their social welfare and political representation. They ironically stand today where you and other progressive-fundamentalists wish to take this nation to. She told me about a medical system that does not look like what Michael Moore has represented in his movie "Sicko".
The same doctor that works in the public system also has a private- for profit practice on the side. She and other employed people choose to avoid the long waits and shoddy service of the public system by visiting this very same doctor at his private practice. They use their private insurance for payment.
These same Blacks who live in a nation of social entitlement that "America should one day hope to become" also have little to no social mobility. They also have the very same issues with economic marginalization, crime, OOWB and the school systems failing the interests of Black people.
Where is this promised land that you speak of Mr Jefferson?
Though The and The Grio have largely avoided coverage of the anarchy and violence that is transpiring right now in France, Greece and other nations of Europe as they realize that their social welfare system is no longer affordable - the fact that you don't cover these issues don't make this any less true.
This is why, Mr Jefferson the notion of COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT is so critical. The notion that the primary job of our community activism is to have our young people become the primary professional service providers that maintain the desired standard of living has been sublimated by the progressive push for "social justice".
I can imagine one day in the future in which as a protest over the fact that there is not enough diversity in the ranks of the entity that was awarded the contract to provide medical services to you in the name of universal health care you are forced to withhold YOUR OWN BODY from the government medical service so that the contractor is not allowed to profit from servicing your medial needs.
The fatal flaw in your vision, Mr Jefferson is that while there is an abundance of "look at how Black people benefit" from the latest lurch forward in progressive control - there is a disturbing void in the enumeration of how the previous progressive victories over our public educational institutions now has more Black medical professionals entering into the field AND more of the financial resources that are now being developed in the local economies that "favorable people" now control economic policy over is used to fund this and other important elements of our standard of living. For a people in need of employment it seems to me that there needs to be more consciousness in the DEployment of our human resources.
What is the next strech goal for Pressivism?
Protesting for jobs?

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