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Redding News Review Questions If The "Fawning Black Progressive Journalists And Blogers Can Be Objective"

(Note: Rob Redding is far from a Black conservative. I give him more credit for being a student of his craft than most who as they are fully compromised. )

Mediaite Story On The "Black Obama Press"

Maynard Institute - Obama Journalists & Bloggers

From Redding News Review:

ATLANTA, Oct. 15, 2010, 10 a.m. - Raising questions about their objectivity, black journalists and bloggers this week cheered President Obama's apparent impromptu appearance at a White House workshop.

The president, who has assailed 24 hour networks like FOX News, was cheered after he told the bloggers and journalists from The Washington Post-owned Root; NBC-owned The Grio; AOL Black Voices; CBS-owned Black Entertainment Television and Reach Media-owned Black America Web that most black are not watching NBC's "Meet The Press."

Representatives for Essence, Jack & Jill Politics, City Limits, Concrete Loop, and MediaTakeOut were also reported to have been in attendance.

Obama made the comments at the "black online summit" at the White House on Monday.

The Democratic National Committee is reported to be spending $3 million to reach black voters through the black media, after the administration was assailed for its lack of spending by some in the black-owned press in 2008.


"I'll also say that just bringing together black web outlets to the White House, just sitting them down and saying, 'We respect your mission,' is a huge step. We met President Obama today. It's difficult to imagine a black web summit even taking place in the Bush White House, let alone a black web summit that would have seen President Bush stop by. It's not like we saw any major reforms take place in that room today, but we did see progress." 

Mr Jefferson with Bush - all things being equal - YOU and others were more prone to PICKET the White House than you were to sit down for a meeting by which you coordinate your propaganda strategy with that of the President.

Just think Mr Jefferson:

Though Obama's party:

  • Presides over the majority of the Black schools that have not meet A.Y.P.
  • Presides over nearly all of the "25 Most Violent Zip Codes In America"
  • Controls ALL of the 25 Black Male Unemployment Cities 
you and the rest of the Progressive Black Press outlets in the room felt more honored that you were allowed into the White House more than you cared to REFUSE to look past these local FACTS as you instead agreed to maintain the NATIONAL agenda for the Progressives, the Democrats and Obama.

NPR's News And Notes: Discussion of the Obama Black Press Meeting

Go to the 6 minute mark:

By the way Professor Spence - Blogger Prometheus6 would NOT have "held Obama's feet to the fire" as you proclaim.

Instead he would have been kissing Obama's toes so thoroughly for the honor that Obama will have found a new pleasure point for Michelle to try on him the next time they consummate their relationship within the White House.

I would be more impressed with Prometheus6 if he showed more competency in actually DEBATE with a Black conservative than talking about them all of the time.  

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