Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Progressives Who Are Democrats Who Are Black" Plot To Protect Obama

When I argue that a more clear understanding of certain people can be achieved when we consider them "Progressives" or "Democrats" and not "Black" I know what I am talking about based on careful observation.

From the Jack & Jill Politics blog.
They no longer even pretend that they are doing anything other than protecting Obama at all costs.

It appears that they are concerned about recent comments from Snarling Fox White Liberal Democrats about Black bloggers pulling their weight in support of the Democrats.  They are tired of being used by Democrats that call in the middle of the night - right before an election but whom appear to be unconcerned about "Black issues" after they get what they want.

I have told everyone previously - in such relationships the problem is not with the "player but instead with the "hoe" who keeps opening her legs, as she enjoys the thrill of the moment while is resentful of the aftereffects when he goes to service his main squeeze.. 

My response to Booky's comments about what needs to be done for election success for Obama and the Democrats:

[quote]1.Stop the attack on public schools and public school teachers. They are not the problem they are the solution. [/quote]

If the conditions at the school that used to be called "The Preparatory High School For Colored Youth" is any reference - the ATTACKS that you need to focus upon is with the "Street Pirates In Training" that execute violent attacks in the halls of the school so much so that parents are demanding more RESOURCE OFFICERS to protect their children.

By the way this schools is now called "Dunbar High School". The school once run by the great Ana Julia Cooper and was the best school for Blacks in the nation is now yet another failing inner city school that recently hosted Al Sharpton and MSNBC honor of King. They were LOOKING for quality education but would not know how to get it if it bit them on the backside.

[quote]2. Stand up to Faux News. [/quote]
WOW. With only 1.38% of Blacks watching Fox News I wonder why they are a SUPERIOR threat to you.
I just listened to my good friend tell me that his teenaged daughter paid $60 for a ticket to hear rapper "Drake". Don't you think that more of our people are negatively impacted by the words said by the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" which threaten to "kill any Black man who steps to them" than anything that you can pin on Fox?

Fox is not at threat to the Black community.
Fox is ONLY a threat to PROGRESSIVES.
Sadly I am not sure that you know the difference.

3. Have a come to Jesus meeting with the Blue Dogs/DINO's. [/quote]
Wow the CONSERVATIVE minority in the Democratic Party is the problem???
Are there any CONSERVATIVES running Detroit, Chicago or Atlanta? Look at how the Black permanent interests THRIVE once you progressive-fundamentalists slay the conservative threat.

I get the feeling that back in the day you might have been saying "Once we get those minority Nigras in check this nation will be a whole lot better".

4. Either order Eric Holder to clean up the InJustice Dept. or find someone who can/will. The only thing he's done is drop the charges against AK Sen. Ted Stevens (R). Scooter Libby justice is alive and well. [/quote]

Booky the BULK of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOLESTATIONS happening upon Black people in 2010 are happening locally AND are not labeled "Civil Rights Violations" by people like you for no other reason than the fact that the ASSAILANT is not an interesting target for you. Black people are being shot in the head, communities terrorized. Elderly Blacks fearful of taking a stroll down the street. While you go searching around for INJUSTICE - your Riverblindness has you unable to see that which is right before you.

5. Don't be afraid to find/join a Black Church. God is who really brought to the dance. [/quote]

Funny how your ideological ally Bill Maher who would consider you as IGNORANT for being a Christian (as I assume you are) was less of a threat to you than was Fox News who is only an IDEOLOGICAL threat to you. I thought it was Jesus before Progressivism?

6. Stop pandering to the right at the expense of your base. [/quote]
I am at a loss of words on this one.
I get the feeling that for you LEFT = CORRECT.
Regardless of the real world carnage that one could show you where your ideology is left to fester in an unchecked manner the main criticism that you have for Obama and the Democrats is that they are "pandering to the right". Amazing

7. Put the Talking TeeVee Pundit Head class in check, you can start with Joe Scarbrough. [/quote]

Clearly you have an issue with Conservatives.
Let me ask you a question. After monitoring Maddow and Olbermann and Schultz for a long time I notice one thing in relation to their coverage of issues WITHIN the Black community:

Let a RIGHT WING militia group kill a person or step on an ant (see the Arkansas police shooting) and these three will provide nightly coverage of this as a THREAT. In as much as Blacks are "the least of these" and a protected group they will detail how Black people are vulnerable if we don't stay vigilant against these Right wing groups.

All the while a STREET PIRATE DRUG GANG could have a stash of weapons and can shoot 5 people dead in one sitting and NOT A PEEP of this will be mentioned on MSNBC Progressive Propagandists.

Here is the deal - the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers (that would be YOU) doesn't care that they skip this coverage in favor of a right winger to be exposed as a threat. In fact if they did talk about this murder and failed to make the Street Pirates who killed the people VICTIMS of marginalization in society but instead noted that they had some ORGANIC MURDEROUS PSYCHOSIS from the culture that they are bathed in - YOU and other BQPFRCs would likely be up in arms with MSNBC for attempting to portray "Blacks as killers".

Do you see that you are far more interested in building up your IDEOLOGY than you are the Black Community?

If there is anyone who "Needs Jesus" to show him/her that GOD did not make ideologies or political parties BUT INSTEAD MADE US ALL EQUALLY COMPETENT BECAUSE WE ARE MADE IN HIS IMAGE - it is you (and my good friend Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist and Filled Negro)

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