Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UPDATED - My Comments On "The Grio" Must Be Approved By The Administrator

I am prepared to apologized to The Grio IF I am proven wrong.  Subsequent comments were not met with a "These comments must be approved by the blog administrator before posting".  If there was an offending word that I posted which triggered this - I will apologize to The Grio

The pattern continues.

Is it the frequency of my posts or the fact that I confront those content contributors and posters who post their own propaganda?

If I was cursing, attacking or otherwise maligning anyone the sanctions that "Progressive who are Black" web sites often place upon me would be understandable.

Instead it is quite clear that their mission is propaganda in support of their ideological viewpoint.  This is purported for the purposes of advancing the Black agenda.

The primary way to thwart those who put forth the popular viewpoint that "Black people must vote or the Republicans will win, thus injuring the Black community" is to take the conversation BACK TO the Black community which is monopoly controlled by people they favor and demand that the poster show that we are not already being damaged.

Instead of confronting me - (if my views are bogus or if I am a "Republican operative" then my antics are easily exposed) they prefer to continue their own agenda without any molestation from those who are on to them.

The Black community's political activism is in its worst possible condition ever.  It no longer needs to hide its real agenda.  It is no longer a 'Black community development agenda'.  It is only a progressive, anti-Republican agenda.   The absence of Republicans within our community has NOT made us prosper.

Only a more inductive approach inward where our people are made to craft our desired standard of living will provide the foundation for change.

Sadly too many of these "Black Advocacy" web sites are merely an attempt to fortify the 'ideological unity' that these operatives depend upon.

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