Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Moderator Approval" On The Grio

I am not sure what is actually going on with the posting system at The Grio.
It traps some of my posts in the "Moderator Approval Needed" bin and the comments never seem to show up.

I will have to revert back to using this particular blog for its original purpose: Making a shadow copy of my comments to protect them from the willful deleting of them by the ideological adversaries that have control over the delete button

From The Grio.com - Working In Conjunction with HuffPo and Media Matters To Get Glenn Beck Off Of The Air - For The Betterment Of The Black Community

[quote]and if you think those guys are all talk how about you go tell them that to their face and not behind the vale that is the internet.......And as to me being used...how about this once you show me a solution that works other than mine and have it not consist of ALL talk ..that's when...that's when I will stop "being used"[/quote]

Now Mr Jimison, THINK about what you are demanding of me.

After years of advocacy to establish the PRESENT political, ideological and cultural order over the Black community YOU ask ME to come into this area that these people that you favor now dominate and talk to the VICTIMS of the BENIGN NEGLECT that was created as they chose to focus upon "External Whitey" rather than HANDLING THEIR BUSINESS?

Why do you make these demands upon ME rather than of the people who old the INSTITUTIONAL SEATS OF POWER over these same communities?

Mr Jimison I am not running for a seat of POWER in these said communities. I a merely asking you to impress this same demand upon the people who DO HOLD POWER. In as much as they made promises in order to win your vote - your request of me is misdirected.

You and others are now TAKING THE PILL that they prescribed to you for your healing.

With a bunch of empty pill bottles on you table while you still writhe in pain - YOU ASK ME to PROVE THAT MY PILL WORKS before you will ingest it?

WHY don't you demand that THEY who have influence over you to PROVE that their pill works and that you will STOP INGESTING IT until they prove it?

It seems to me that if you cared about your own body you would go cold turkey off of all pills, would learn what your body needs in the way of nutrition and then would seek a more NATURAL AND ORGANIC solution for the healing.

Worse than my TALK on the Internet, Mr Jimison is the fact that the people who YOU HAVE PLACED INTO POWER over your community per your preference are operating with their hands on the actual controls of POWER - not just a keyboard. STILL you are in pain.

As much as they are an equal Black man to me - I have no racial obligation to set the situation straight any more than THEY DO.

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