Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press Syndicate Their Feed From Progressive Operatives

NAACP releases a report - The and The Grio syndicate the claims without any QUALIFICATION of the claims of RACISM based on the HISTORIC RACISM that the Black community has faced.

Let me be clear - I don't care what the NAACP says. Increasingly what they say has no relevance to the real world experience that a large quantity of Black people experience on the street today. The NAACP and other Progressive operatives are victims of INTEGRATION. They no longer are to be considered "Black Community Development Groups". They are wholly Progressive/Democratic Party activists.

It is curious to see that there is no Progressive that need worry being linked with the local machines in various cities that are producing failing economic and academic environments within which Black people are made to suffer. They can also directly advocate for "Street Pirates" to have reduced prison sentences with no consequences on the BLACK VICTIMS of their crimes.

The bottom line is that this all must be stopped.
If these people want to operate as activists they are free to speak as they please.

IF they present themselves as BLACK COMMUNITY ADVOCATES then it is time to have the Black Rank & File to CERTIFY THEIR CLAIMS.
These larval agents work INSIDE of our community consciousness and work to lull Black people in their prescribed way.

One can tell their character based upon their unwillingness to see the failures of their progressive policies where it is most dominate. Instead they merely SCALE THE DOMAIN upon which they wish to apply it.

Dear Mr Cord Jefferson:

Do you have a point where you feel cheap and used or do you just enjoy working as an operative as such?

Here is what I don't get about the bias that is clear with many of the content contributors on The, etc:

The traditional RACISTS that have assaulted Black people:

1) Physically assaulted our people and murdered our people in order to keep us in our place and subvert justice

2) Denied our people quality education so that our people could not learn the skills to prosper

3) Undercut our local economic productivity so that we could not leverage our financial resources to become self sufficient

The one thing that I notice about these charges is that for the "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" and their White Liberal Snarling Fox co-conspirators THERE IS NO CONSEQUENCE felt by you in calling someone a RACIST.

If there was ever an example of someone USING the legacy of our ANCESTORS, spitting on their legacy for nothing more than POLITICAL GAMESMANSHIP (in the Malcolm X Political Football Game) - look no further than you and the present NAACP - a sorry shell of its former self.

Notice the lack of qualification BY YOU of these claims made by the NAACP. You received your talking points from their research group and dutifully relayed them on this venue.

I challenge you, Cord Jefferson: PROVE TO THE READERS that the Tea Party represent a THREAT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S DIRECT INTERESTS rather than merely a threat to PROGRESSIVISM and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles and Relationship Outcomes
* Comprehensive and Enduring Solutions
* Organic Solutions That Leverage The Human Resources within the Community To Develop The Competencies To Retain The Desired Standard Of Living

Ironically the Tea Party threatens the 'REDISTRIBUTIVE POLICIES' that "Progressives who are Black" like (in violation of the last Permanent Interests)

(Psst - The Riots In France!!!)

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