Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lampblack Yellow Journalist Hutchinson Focuses On "Obama's War" With The GOP Rather Than The Failures Of His Machine WITHIN The Black Community

Is President Obama in Danger of Losing the Black Vote?

What good is a "Black Press" when they ultimately fight on behalf of the machine they are a part of rather than fighting FOR the interests of the Black community?  They being true in their fight even when they have to take on another tentacle of the Black Establishment that is failing our community?

Earl Offari Hutchinson, like President Obama himself needs to get Black people enlisted in their respective fights with the GOP as a means of extracting our votes out of us.   Just as Obama told a crowd of college students at an HBCU the other day "The GOP THINKS that you are not going to come out to the polls and vote.  YOU need to prove them wrong."

Shamefully the Black Progressive Establishment Press is too compromised to refocus the Obama Administration AND its counterparts that control every single institution where Black people live in our highest concentrations to fix what they promised to do upon their campaign for our votes.

Worst yet the Black Progressive Establishment Press  will never reach a point at which they start questioning the policies that they have been prodding Obama to push for AND the ideology and theories on government that they stem from.

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