Sunday, October 17, 2010

Imagine If Prometheus6 Was Able To Take His Advice Given To Obama And Expand It To Black America?

Like my views or not - all of my blog properties that are chartered to focus on the INTERESTS of the Black community retain their focus as such.

One should look at these other "Blackfaced" blog sites as they spend an inordinate amount of their time and material focusing on what they believe to be "FIGHTING ON BEHALF OF" the Black community.  They do this ostensibly by fighting with the views points that are POPULAR with the Black community but far too often doing so against an adversary that functionally resides outside of our community domain.

A poster child for this effect is a "Progressive who is Black" blogger named Prometheus6.
His blog is flush with stories that closely match the Black establishment's "enemies list".

In a story which Pro6 appears to be hitting Obama he is actually merely "attacking" Obama for trying to "work with people who are trying to destroy him".   While I do not know if Pro6's blog extended far back into the Bush Administration - I assure you that when it came to George W Bush's reluctance to meet with the Congressional Black Democrat Caucus - Pro6 did not apply this notion of "outreach toward your enemies" as a point of advice for Bush.

In the featured post Pro6 says the following about Obama:
We’ll never know how differently the politics would have played if Obama, instead of systematically echoing and giving credibility to all the arguments of the people who want to destroy him, had actually stood up for a different economic philosophy. But we do know how his actual strategy has worked, and it hasn’t been a success.

This is a tragically fraudulent accounting by Pro6.  The only time Obama echoed the words of his enemies was in the process of building up a straw man that he could later tear down.  President Obama' rivals the Gullah women that create baskets out of wicker with his master of using straw as a construction material.

The ironic point about the piece is that even with a favorable president in office and Democrats with a 60 vote majority in the Senate that is seen less frequently than Haley's Comet and a solid majority in the US House (by the way - when it comes to Black issues we must also include the MONOPOLY CONTROL over every local institution in the Black community) - Prometheus6 is STILL given to seeing us on a grand "What If"?

He is simply unable to note that despite this favorable line up his ideological point of orgasm was less fulfilling than what he built himself up to believe.

As I read these words by Pro6 I was made to think of the turn of events that would transpire if he thought to apply this same advice to the Black community in defense of our permanent interests against the embedded larval agents who exploit our grievances for their own ideological and partisan benefit.

Just Imagine If Prometheus6 Dared To Express Some Intellectual Curiosity And Apply His Words To The "Mission Accomplished Cities" For The Progressives Who Are Black

Please afford me the opportunity to do a bit of wordsmithing as I make my own "what if" using Pro6's words as a baseline.

What the conscious people that stand among the Black masses were to say the following words as they created a protective distance between the "core consciousness" zone of the Black community and the ideological and political operatives that seek to have their way with us, exploiting our grievances to keep us unified:

We’ll never know how differently the effective results within our community would have played out if the Black Establishment leadership, instead of systematically echoing and giving credibility to all the arguments of the people who want to destroy the ability of our people to develop organic competencies within, intending for us to remain aggrieved and dependent and dependable votes as we express our hopes for an improvement via the process of voting.  Being convinced by these same individuals that we are too "voiceless" and weak to fend for ourselves without their protections.
 We can only wonder the results had the leadership of our community actually stood up for a different economic philosophy.  A philosophy that sought to build up the productive capacity of Black people as close to the source as possible and thus focused their efforts upon building up the competency of our people via well run schools while respecting the needs to manage 'directed outcomes' via the use of time tested processes of cultural and social control  This change in economic philosophy taking place after they noted how the one they drove into power has been so destructive to the local economic interests of the Black community.  The cities that once attracted us from the Jim Crow South per the presence of jobs - today rank as the leading cities where Black male unemployment are at epidemic proportions.  
We do know how the strategic efforts of the Progressive Black Establish have turned out.  They indeed were a success for the Democratic Party and the Progressive ideology in retaining a loyal base but a failure for the cause of building up the organic competencies WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

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