Monday, October 11, 2010

I Give Oliver Willis Credit - At Least Media Matters Is PAYING Him For What He Does

Oliver Willis Blog

I have to admit that I am not settled upon one key issue: Does a blog that is created by a Black person have any particular mandate to talk about the Black community's issues?

Is the blog content free to spend all of its times bashing the popular enemies of Black people without linking any of this back to how the Black community will be developed as a result of their antics?

I am forced to say NO.  A person's skin color does not bind him to a particular focus on any given subject matter.  

However those making an appraisal of the body of his work are also allowed to discredit the person IF he later comes around and claims to be advancing the permanent interests of the Black community in all of his efforts, thus pointing to how his positions are closely paralleled by the populous.  

Most people won't even see why this last paragraph is wrong.  They mistake POPULAR with EFFECTIVE.  Today more than ever the prevailing thoughts that are present within the Black community are in need of a reset.   This is proven by the fact that were there is the greatest amount of success where our people have what looks good on paper are often also the greatest amount of unfavorable results in the areas that count the most.   To be specific - in the(functionally)all-Democratic cities of Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Chicago so many of the core elements that the Black activism movement has struggled for remain elusive.   Instead of making note of this void and initiating a course correction the ideological-bigots who have influence over our people have merely doubled down and have us to "vote harder".

I Am Oliver Willis And Media Matters Approves This Message

I have never heard of Oliver Willis before about 6 months ago.  In going down the blog links on "RippDemUp" I ran across his blog.    A Black male with a blog is not an eyebrow raiser these days.  A Black male who's content is about 96% "Anti-Republican" entries without any link to Black community issues at all.   Now even in the midst of our present conditioning this stands out.

I am forced to credit (I didn't say "respect" I said "credit") Mr Willis for disclosing that he is an employee of "Media Matters" and thus receives a salary for what he does.   I am merely curious as to why he feels the need to put up a note that attempts to separate his personal views from that of his employer's when they are both one in the same.

I am curious as to how the engagement transpired.  Did the operatives of the George Soros funded "Media Matters" review blog sites and recruited Mr Willis after seeing that he has the same jaundiced view as they do, allowing him to see only out of his right eye?  Or did he become an employee of theirs for the sake of diversity and after which his senses were molded in line with their prevailing outlook?

I guess I can't fault a Black man for having a job printing posters on a modern day minstrel show.  At least he is not among the unemployed.

The problem is that Mr Willis and others are going to likely run out of the masturbatory impact of their knowledge that "BUSH DID IT" as this present malaise lasts far larger than Bush was in office, despite all of their cheerleading for the present occupant of the White House and their obfuscation elsewhere.

Shamefully more Black people are inclined to value the efforts of Mr Willis than the call that I am making to force the Black Press to use its "yellow" tint that it has acquired.

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