Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Hijacking Of The Black Community Attention Span

David Love, Executive Publisher of The

  • From  
    • Created By Glen Ford and Peter Gamble
      • Spawned "Black Agenda Report"
  • Contributor To "Huffington Post"
    • The Grio syndicates a significant amount of content from the leftwing biased Huffington Post and they even share their "Black" opinion writers between the two sites (Earl Offari Hutchinson and others)
It comes as no surprise to see the out and out slant that is present on The Grio.  Mr Love's mentors have trained him well.

The - Clarence Thomas Owes Black America An Apology

Mr Love, Executive Editor:

Take a step back. Look at the front page of AND you can go over to The and others if you wish.

Notice what YOU prioritize as important to the Black community per your own ideological and editorial biases:

* Clarence Thomas
* The NAACP Sees Racists In The Tea Parties
* Black Republicans Threatening To "Darken The Doors Of Congress"
* Fox News via Juan Williams

Mr Love - This is your web site. You are free to post the articles that are most pleasing. I will defend your right to do so. I accept that this is your view of the world in regards to what you think are the primary threats to the wellbeing in the Black community.

As long as you will have me here I plan to hold up your content to that which is MY VIEW of what can be roughly approximated as the "Permanent Interests" for the Black community. In as much as if and when the content of your product falls desperately askew to these interests - I hope that you don't mind my "constructive feedback".

Mr Love - the Black community is largest in many notable "Progressive Mission Accomplished Cities". The statistics show that these are where our largest grievances are also in place. I grasp for understanding as I see you and other "Progressive who are Democrat who are Black" media sources covering Clarence Thomas and Juan Williams more than you bother to inspect the condition of South Side Chicago and how the NEXT MAYOR who is likely already a part of the machine that runs Chicago SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO BLACK PEOPLE for:

* The condition of the schools
* The condition of the public safety
* The economic travail

You see, Mr Love - if indeed Clarence Thomas is guilty of covering his personal indiscretions by leaning on his race - please tell us how the far larger network of Black Progressive elected and appointed officials enjoy your constant approval beside them ALSO leaning upon this same precious resource as a cover for the results that our people are made to suffer in? This despite the long history of previous promises of how their increased power would prove to be a fix.

Mr Love I am not "hijacking" your post by changing the subject.
In truth I am working to get you and the bulk of your site content BACK IN LINE with the Black Agenda rather than the Progressive and Democratic Party agenda that has taken it over.

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyle and Relationship Outcomes

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