Saturday, October 23, 2010

BET Uncut's Hardon On Clarence Thomas

After years of pole dancing for the Democrats but refusing to take the money that they tried to put into his garter belt our friend BET Uncut - the greatest pole dancer of them all is back at it again.

He is able to achieve great mental clarity that allows him to look past all of the problems within the Black community that has occurred while favorable people are in power and instead focus his laser precision upon Clarence Thomas.

He knows that once the "Clarence Thomas Shake Your Booty" song comes on that the dance that he makes in response is a crowd pleaser.

When you listen to BET Uncut and his "Neo-All White Jury" band of posters they are nearly always in complete unity of opinion.   They mistake the concurrence in their thoughts with having achieved ACCURACY in a model of the world that will assist in the attainment of a desired standard of living in our community.
 Even worse they believe that having the GOVERNMENT to provide programs that allow Black people to live with the standard of living that they favor is equal to a state in which Black people achieve this same end by managing the HUMAN RESOURCES within, using the institutions that they now control to produce the COMPETENCIES that are needed.

The sad part is that these are educated Black men who dialogue on that particular blog.   Their constant fight against the windmill known as "White Republican Conservatives" have them infected with the river blindness that prevents them from seeing straight toward a solution.

Clarence Thomas is a THREAT to them not for any proof that they can show about his molestation of any of our Permanent Interests.  The main threat that Clarence Thomas poses is that he functionally blocks PROGRESSIVISM and by inference he is blocking THEIR KIND OF Black Progress.

I challenge them to take us on a tour of where "The Least Of These People" and tell us WHY this prevailing progressive ideology's spread should be allowed to spread any more than SLAVERY was worthy of a civil war to prevent its outward spread?

THEY are the one's who hold the prevailing consciousness over our people.
THEY are the ones who are USING our grievances for their ideological purposes.

From the BET Uncut blog:

[quote]and feel that he is the most destructive force against black America since the KKK.[/quote]

BET Uncut:

It seems that you and your "Neo-All White Jury Members" mistake your group AGREEMENT with your ability to PROVE your argument.

You see - I can actually PROVE to you that the mindset held by Thomas' peer Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the late Ted Kennedy and the present Black Progressive Establishment has done more to keep Black people disproportionately within the 'LEAST OF THESE' in the past 50 years than any rope that you can lynch Brother Justice Clarence Thomas with.

* Despite taking over public schools with the promise that they would improve - they got TITLES of Superintendent, Board Chair, our schools STILL disproportionately fall below A.Y.P.

* Despite putting their "Domestic Economic Hit man" policies in place over our communities there is no increase COMPETENCIES that you can show which could found the higher standard of living that we all desire.

If you were more honest with yourself you would look at the small proportion of POWER over the Black community that Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele have versus the all encompassing POWER that your Progressive-Fundamentalist partners have.

My comments are a model for REAL WORLD ACCURACY
YOUR comments are merely self chum for the quest of IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT - results BE DAMNED

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