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What Wants You To Believe Republicorp


"Bitch" is not hate speech when a progressive uses it.

In fact you'll get a round of applause from the audience is it is said on the "feminist" show called "The View"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Newsweek Picks Democrat Alan Grayson As "America's Worse Politician"

I can't believe that this claim appears on Newsweek's pages.

America's Worst Politician

Instead of inspecting the antics of Alan Grayson Newsweek should have considered the media operatives who welcomed his hateful antics as a breath of fresh air.

UPDATE:  Oh nevermind.  This was George Will assigning this label to him in his column in Newsweek.
This does not count.

Young Turks and their love affair with Alan Grayson

The Markets Obama Care To Blacks

What Health Care Reforms Means For African Americans. by Cord Jefferson

Please take my newly crafted diagram and apply it to the arguments used by Cord Jefferson from "The" to sell Government Health Care to Black people:

My rebuttal to Cord Jefferson:
Mr Cord Jefferson:
Another excellent piece in marketing the benefits of progressivism to the Black community. We must stay unified in order to receive these benefits. Let's agree to look past the improbable fiscal benefits lest we derail the scheme.
Social Justice = The benefits of the "Social Contract" that Black people have due to us from the institutions in this nation
Competency Development = the mandate that the Black Community leverage the civic institutions at its disposal to develop the human resources in our community to become the main professional service providers that bring forth the desired Standard of Living that we all seek.
Which of these two are you a student of Mr Jefferson?
In front of me is a printout of your article in which I have underlined all that the Black community is to receive as a net addition of services. These services that were previously not affordable to the masses, except for the stroke of a pen are now available to us in abundance. Merely by controlling the oppressive insurance companies and the profiteering medical suppliers all of these benefits will be opened up. Of course, we are told that not only will these services be made affordable but this reform is going to lead to large savings for the nation. (A claimed $940 billion over 10 years).
Of course we both know that the sales job necessary to get a bill signed or a voting ballot checked is very different from the sober results that transpire in the real world, long after this vote of approval.
What I don't see in your article, Mr Jefferson is the promotion of the "Healthy Lifestyle and Dietary" mandates that is necessary for Black people to not suffer from:
* Chronic Diseases
* Diabetes
You mention the program promoted from on high called "Let's Move" and this, you surmise, is a checklist item that qualifies as the necessary reform that will penetrate down far enough to change the cooking habits seen in every pot in our kitchens. If only your ideological adversaries could make checklists that escape your scrutiny for the chances of their EFFECTIVENESS and COMPREHENSIVENESS, Mr Jefferson.
Surely those among our people that advance exercise, radical dietary changes, natural remedies and avoidance of the drugs that are offered by the Big Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex for the purpose of profit will have problems with your plans that promise more drugs to more Black people as the cure.
Mr Jefferson - I have a house guest with me from the UK for a planned 2 week stay. She is of Jamaican ancestry as if my wife but has been living in the UK for 17 years. For the past 5 days I have been extracting every bit of information from her regarding the conditions of Black people in the UK in the context of their social welfare and political representation. They ironically stand today where you and other progressive-fundamentalists wish to take this nation to. She told me about a medical system that does not look like what Michael Moore has represented in his movie "Sicko".
The same doctor that works in the public system also has a private- for profit practice on the side. She and other employed people choose to avoid the long waits and shoddy service of the public system by visiting this very same doctor at his private practice. They use their private insurance for payment.
These same Blacks who live in a nation of social entitlement that "America should one day hope to become" also have little to no social mobility. They also have the very same issues with economic marginalization, crime, OOWB and the school systems failing the interests of Black people.
Where is this promised land that you speak of Mr Jefferson?
Though The and The Grio have largely avoided coverage of the anarchy and violence that is transpiring right now in France, Greece and other nations of Europe as they realize that their social welfare system is no longer affordable - the fact that you don't cover these issues don't make this any less true.
This is why, Mr Jefferson the notion of COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT is so critical. The notion that the primary job of our community activism is to have our young people become the primary professional service providers that maintain the desired standard of living has been sublimated by the progressive push for "social justice".
I can imagine one day in the future in which as a protest over the fact that there is not enough diversity in the ranks of the entity that was awarded the contract to provide medical services to you in the name of universal health care you are forced to withhold YOUR OWN BODY from the government medical service so that the contractor is not allowed to profit from servicing your medial needs.
The fatal flaw in your vision, Mr Jefferson is that while there is an abundance of "look at how Black people benefit" from the latest lurch forward in progressive control - there is a disturbing void in the enumeration of how the previous progressive victories over our public educational institutions now has more Black medical professionals entering into the field AND more of the financial resources that are now being developed in the local economies that "favorable people" now control economic policy over is used to fund this and other important elements of our standard of living. For a people in need of employment it seems to me that there needs to be more consciousness in the DEployment of our human resources.
What is the next strech goal for Pressivism?
Protesting for jobs?

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I don't expect these words to get past the moderator so I made a shadow copy here.

A new entry to my list of "favorite" blogs has been discovered:  3 Chics Politico.

After having the serial "Ugher" named Southern Girl tearing apart my arguments with the most succinct and powerful refutation that nearly brings me to tears of shame: "UGH"  - I was forced to click through to this person's site in order to understand if she can touch type any more than these 3 letters.  

Needless to say I was not surprised.  This was yet another "light bulb in the night" for "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" to flutter around, feeding on the brilliance of their "self chum".

[quote]November 2, 2010- VOTE DEMOCRATIC![/quote]



As I scrolled down your 40 responses I saw yet another gathering spot for some of my old friends. (Rikyrah and Granny [I still love you Granny and there is NOTHING you can do about it])

I also saw a picture of Rev Joseph Lowery. Its interesting that while the sight of my viewpoints brings forth an "Ugh" from you - the sight of Rev Lowery brings forth a vision of the street that is named after him in Atlanta as a frequent site for the violent assault or murder of a Black person.

You see, SouthernGirl - Rev Lowery stated publicly about 12 years ago that if the area of Vine City was to take down all of the street signs that pay tribute to Confederate Generals that this would bring forth a spirit of PRIDE in the community as the HEROES of Black people were hung up high. He got a street named after him as a result of his plea. Unfortunately, SouthernGirl - this merely means that when an assault or a car chase happens in THIS - one of the 4 "Most Dangerous Zipcodes In The Nation" - they no longer say "Ashby Street" they now say "Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd".

This is symbolic of what "Black Politics" has become. SYMBOLIC. We are to "worship the pictures on the wall" in the government building instead of being able to walk down the streets of our communities and see abundance evidence of COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT and not just "Progressive Mission Accomplished" signage.

Does it seem strange to you that you APPEAR to focus more on the "terroristic threat" against President Obama - the most well protected man in the WORLD (Notice I did not say "Black man") - yet you seek to sell us on the notion that we Black folks should "VOTE DEMOCRAT ON NOVEMBER 2ND" when in so many cases around the nation the #1 Permanent Interest of Black people is being violated: SAFE STREETS.

Should I look past these truths for the sake of "Ideological Unity Enforcement", struggling harder to beat these conservatives that are working to "hurt Obama" politically?

At what point do you take a step back and demand an inventory of what you are getting out of this entire "Malcolm X Political Football Game" besides the honor of knowing that you now have a starting position?

CERTAINLY you know more than two phrases:

1) Ugh!!
2) Vote Democratic On November 2nd

The people of DC, Chicago, Detroit, Philly, Baltimore and Atlanta have been doing just as you have recommended for years. They are waiting for their benefit. They just might start working to accomplish their goals LOCALLY.

The Hijacking Of The Black Community Attention Span

David Love, Executive Publisher of The

  • From  
    • Created By Glen Ford and Peter Gamble
      • Spawned "Black Agenda Report"
  • Contributor To "Huffington Post"
    • The Grio syndicates a significant amount of content from the leftwing biased Huffington Post and they even share their "Black" opinion writers between the two sites (Earl Offari Hutchinson and others)
It comes as no surprise to see the out and out slant that is present on The Grio.  Mr Love's mentors have trained him well.

The - Clarence Thomas Owes Black America An Apology

Mr Love, Executive Editor:

Take a step back. Look at the front page of AND you can go over to The and others if you wish.

Notice what YOU prioritize as important to the Black community per your own ideological and editorial biases:

* Clarence Thomas
* The NAACP Sees Racists In The Tea Parties
* Black Republicans Threatening To "Darken The Doors Of Congress"
* Fox News via Juan Williams

Mr Love - This is your web site. You are free to post the articles that are most pleasing. I will defend your right to do so. I accept that this is your view of the world in regards to what you think are the primary threats to the wellbeing in the Black community.

As long as you will have me here I plan to hold up your content to that which is MY VIEW of what can be roughly approximated as the "Permanent Interests" for the Black community. In as much as if and when the content of your product falls desperately askew to these interests - I hope that you don't mind my "constructive feedback".

Mr Love - the Black community is largest in many notable "Progressive Mission Accomplished Cities". The statistics show that these are where our largest grievances are also in place. I grasp for understanding as I see you and other "Progressive who are Democrat who are Black" media sources covering Clarence Thomas and Juan Williams more than you bother to inspect the condition of South Side Chicago and how the NEXT MAYOR who is likely already a part of the machine that runs Chicago SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO BLACK PEOPLE for:

* The condition of the schools
* The condition of the public safety
* The economic travail

You see, Mr Love - if indeed Clarence Thomas is guilty of covering his personal indiscretions by leaning on his race - please tell us how the far larger network of Black Progressive elected and appointed officials enjoy your constant approval beside them ALSO leaning upon this same precious resource as a cover for the results that our people are made to suffer in? This despite the long history of previous promises of how their increased power would prove to be a fix.

Mr Love I am not "hijacking" your post by changing the subject.
In truth I am working to get you and the bulk of your site content BACK IN LINE with the Black Agenda rather than the Progressive and Democratic Party agenda that has taken it over.

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyle and Relationship Outcomes

Why The Progressives Are Swarming After Glenn Beck

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Notice how as they attack Glenn Beck and call then a RACIST and say that he is a conspiracy theorist - they never say that he is lying about the close network of progressive political operatives that he is exposing.

I have no problem with progressives collaborating to achieve their political agenda. I only have a problem when they PRETEND that they are advancing the interests of the Black community as they work to enforce "Ideological Unity".

They are so TRANSACTION based that it is stunning. Each day we are notified of some racist Republican offense. THIS is enough to justify Black "struggling harder" at doing what we are doing, never looking back at the lands that are already under their firm control to look for results. Such an offense by one White man is more powerful than the offense of failing schools that are derailing the future of our young people.

BET Uncut's Hardon On Clarence Thomas

After years of pole dancing for the Democrats but refusing to take the money that they tried to put into his garter belt our friend BET Uncut - the greatest pole dancer of them all is back at it again.

He is able to achieve great mental clarity that allows him to look past all of the problems within the Black community that has occurred while favorable people are in power and instead focus his laser precision upon Clarence Thomas.

He knows that once the "Clarence Thomas Shake Your Booty" song comes on that the dance that he makes in response is a crowd pleaser.

When you listen to BET Uncut and his "Neo-All White Jury" band of posters they are nearly always in complete unity of opinion.   They mistake the concurrence in their thoughts with having achieved ACCURACY in a model of the world that will assist in the attainment of a desired standard of living in our community.
 Even worse they believe that having the GOVERNMENT to provide programs that allow Black people to live with the standard of living that they favor is equal to a state in which Black people achieve this same end by managing the HUMAN RESOURCES within, using the institutions that they now control to produce the COMPETENCIES that are needed.

The sad part is that these are educated Black men who dialogue on that particular blog.   Their constant fight against the windmill known as "White Republican Conservatives" have them infected with the river blindness that prevents them from seeing straight toward a solution.

Clarence Thomas is a THREAT to them not for any proof that they can show about his molestation of any of our Permanent Interests.  The main threat that Clarence Thomas poses is that he functionally blocks PROGRESSIVISM and by inference he is blocking THEIR KIND OF Black Progress.

I challenge them to take us on a tour of where "The Least Of These People" and tell us WHY this prevailing progressive ideology's spread should be allowed to spread any more than SLAVERY was worthy of a civil war to prevent its outward spread?

THEY are the one's who hold the prevailing consciousness over our people.
THEY are the ones who are USING our grievances for their ideological purposes.

From the BET Uncut blog:

[quote]and feel that he is the most destructive force against black America since the KKK.[/quote]

BET Uncut:

It seems that you and your "Neo-All White Jury Members" mistake your group AGREEMENT with your ability to PROVE your argument.

You see - I can actually PROVE to you that the mindset held by Thomas' peer Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the late Ted Kennedy and the present Black Progressive Establishment has done more to keep Black people disproportionately within the 'LEAST OF THESE' in the past 50 years than any rope that you can lynch Brother Justice Clarence Thomas with.

* Despite taking over public schools with the promise that they would improve - they got TITLES of Superintendent, Board Chair, our schools STILL disproportionately fall below A.Y.P.

* Despite putting their "Domestic Economic Hit man" policies in place over our communities there is no increase COMPETENCIES that you can show which could found the higher standard of living that we all desire.

If you were more honest with yourself you would look at the small proportion of POWER over the Black community that Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele have versus the all encompassing POWER that your Progressive-Fundamentalist partners have.

My comments are a model for REAL WORLD ACCURACY
YOUR comments are merely self chum for the quest of IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT - results BE DAMNED

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press Syndicate Their Feed From Progressive Operatives

NAACP releases a report - The and The Grio syndicate the claims without any QUALIFICATION of the claims of RACISM based on the HISTORIC RACISM that the Black community has faced.

Let me be clear - I don't care what the NAACP says. Increasingly what they say has no relevance to the real world experience that a large quantity of Black people experience on the street today. The NAACP and other Progressive operatives are victims of INTEGRATION. They no longer are to be considered "Black Community Development Groups". They are wholly Progressive/Democratic Party activists.

It is curious to see that there is no Progressive that need worry being linked with the local machines in various cities that are producing failing economic and academic environments within which Black people are made to suffer. They can also directly advocate for "Street Pirates" to have reduced prison sentences with no consequences on the BLACK VICTIMS of their crimes.

The bottom line is that this all must be stopped.
If these people want to operate as activists they are free to speak as they please.

IF they present themselves as BLACK COMMUNITY ADVOCATES then it is time to have the Black Rank & File to CERTIFY THEIR CLAIMS.
These larval agents work INSIDE of our community consciousness and work to lull Black people in their prescribed way.

One can tell their character based upon their unwillingness to see the failures of their progressive policies where it is most dominate. Instead they merely SCALE THE DOMAIN upon which they wish to apply it.

Dear Mr Cord Jefferson:

Do you have a point where you feel cheap and used or do you just enjoy working as an operative as such?

Here is what I don't get about the bias that is clear with many of the content contributors on The, etc:

The traditional RACISTS that have assaulted Black people:

1) Physically assaulted our people and murdered our people in order to keep us in our place and subvert justice

2) Denied our people quality education so that our people could not learn the skills to prosper

3) Undercut our local economic productivity so that we could not leverage our financial resources to become self sufficient

The one thing that I notice about these charges is that for the "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" and their White Liberal Snarling Fox co-conspirators THERE IS NO CONSEQUENCE felt by you in calling someone a RACIST.

If there was ever an example of someone USING the legacy of our ANCESTORS, spitting on their legacy for nothing more than POLITICAL GAMESMANSHIP (in the Malcolm X Political Football Game) - look no further than you and the present NAACP - a sorry shell of its former self.

Notice the lack of qualification BY YOU of these claims made by the NAACP. You received your talking points from their research group and dutifully relayed them on this venue.

I challenge you, Cord Jefferson: PROVE TO THE READERS that the Tea Party represent a THREAT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S DIRECT INTERESTS rather than merely a threat to PROGRESSIVISM and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles and Relationship Outcomes
* Comprehensive and Enduring Solutions
* Organic Solutions That Leverage The Human Resources within the Community To Develop The Competencies To Retain The Desired Standard Of Living

Ironically the Tea Party threatens the 'REDISTRIBUTIVE POLICIES' that "Progressives who are Black" like (in violation of the last Permanent Interests)

(Psst - The Riots In France!!!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Moderator Approval" On The Grio

I am not sure what is actually going on with the posting system at The Grio.
It traps some of my posts in the "Moderator Approval Needed" bin and the comments never seem to show up.

I will have to revert back to using this particular blog for its original purpose: Making a shadow copy of my comments to protect them from the willful deleting of them by the ideological adversaries that have control over the delete button

From The - Working In Conjunction with HuffPo and Media Matters To Get Glenn Beck Off Of The Air - For The Betterment Of The Black Community

[quote]and if you think those guys are all talk how about you go tell them that to their face and not behind the vale that is the internet.......And as to me being about this once you show me a solution that works other than mine and have it not consist of ALL talk ..that's when...that's when I will stop "being used"[/quote]

Now Mr Jimison, THINK about what you are demanding of me.

After years of advocacy to establish the PRESENT political, ideological and cultural order over the Black community YOU ask ME to come into this area that these people that you favor now dominate and talk to the VICTIMS of the BENIGN NEGLECT that was created as they chose to focus upon "External Whitey" rather than HANDLING THEIR BUSINESS?

Why do you make these demands upon ME rather than of the people who old the INSTITUTIONAL SEATS OF POWER over these same communities?

Mr Jimison I am not running for a seat of POWER in these said communities. I a merely asking you to impress this same demand upon the people who DO HOLD POWER. In as much as they made promises in order to win your vote - your request of me is misdirected.

You and others are now TAKING THE PILL that they prescribed to you for your healing.

With a bunch of empty pill bottles on you table while you still writhe in pain - YOU ASK ME to PROVE THAT MY PILL WORKS before you will ingest it?

WHY don't you demand that THEY who have influence over you to PROVE that their pill works and that you will STOP INGESTING IT until they prove it?

It seems to me that if you cared about your own body you would go cold turkey off of all pills, would learn what your body needs in the way of nutrition and then would seek a more NATURAL AND ORGANIC solution for the healing.

Worse than my TALK on the Internet, Mr Jimison is the fact that the people who YOU HAVE PLACED INTO POWER over your community per your preference are operating with their hands on the actual controls of POWER - not just a keyboard. STILL you are in pain.

As much as they are an equal Black man to me - I have no racial obligation to set the situation straight any more than THEY DO.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Imagine If Prometheus6 Was Able To Take His Advice Given To Obama And Expand It To Black America?

Like my views or not - all of my blog properties that are chartered to focus on the INTERESTS of the Black community retain their focus as such.

One should look at these other "Blackfaced" blog sites as they spend an inordinate amount of their time and material focusing on what they believe to be "FIGHTING ON BEHALF OF" the Black community.  They do this ostensibly by fighting with the views points that are POPULAR with the Black community but far too often doing so against an adversary that functionally resides outside of our community domain.

A poster child for this effect is a "Progressive who is Black" blogger named Prometheus6.
His blog is flush with stories that closely match the Black establishment's "enemies list".

In a story which Pro6 appears to be hitting Obama he is actually merely "attacking" Obama for trying to "work with people who are trying to destroy him".   While I do not know if Pro6's blog extended far back into the Bush Administration - I assure you that when it came to George W Bush's reluctance to meet with the Congressional Black Democrat Caucus - Pro6 did not apply this notion of "outreach toward your enemies" as a point of advice for Bush.

In the featured post Pro6 says the following about Obama:
We’ll never know how differently the politics would have played if Obama, instead of systematically echoing and giving credibility to all the arguments of the people who want to destroy him, had actually stood up for a different economic philosophy. But we do know how his actual strategy has worked, and it hasn’t been a success.

This is a tragically fraudulent accounting by Pro6.  The only time Obama echoed the words of his enemies was in the process of building up a straw man that he could later tear down.  President Obama' rivals the Gullah women that create baskets out of wicker with his master of using straw as a construction material.

The ironic point about the piece is that even with a favorable president in office and Democrats with a 60 vote majority in the Senate that is seen less frequently than Haley's Comet and a solid majority in the US House (by the way - when it comes to Black issues we must also include the MONOPOLY CONTROL over every local institution in the Black community) - Prometheus6 is STILL given to seeing us on a grand "What If"?

He is simply unable to note that despite this favorable line up his ideological point of orgasm was less fulfilling than what he built himself up to believe.

As I read these words by Pro6 I was made to think of the turn of events that would transpire if he thought to apply this same advice to the Black community in defense of our permanent interests against the embedded larval agents who exploit our grievances for their own ideological and partisan benefit.

Just Imagine If Prometheus6 Dared To Express Some Intellectual Curiosity And Apply His Words To The "Mission Accomplished Cities" For The Progressives Who Are Black

Please afford me the opportunity to do a bit of wordsmithing as I make my own "what if" using Pro6's words as a baseline.

What the conscious people that stand among the Black masses were to say the following words as they created a protective distance between the "core consciousness" zone of the Black community and the ideological and political operatives that seek to have their way with us, exploiting our grievances to keep us unified:

We’ll never know how differently the effective results within our community would have played out if the Black Establishment leadership, instead of systematically echoing and giving credibility to all the arguments of the people who want to destroy the ability of our people to develop organic competencies within, intending for us to remain aggrieved and dependent and dependable votes as we express our hopes for an improvement via the process of voting.  Being convinced by these same individuals that we are too "voiceless" and weak to fend for ourselves without their protections.
 We can only wonder the results had the leadership of our community actually stood up for a different economic philosophy.  A philosophy that sought to build up the productive capacity of Black people as close to the source as possible and thus focused their efforts upon building up the competency of our people via well run schools while respecting the needs to manage 'directed outcomes' via the use of time tested processes of cultural and social control  This change in economic philosophy taking place after they noted how the one they drove into power has been so destructive to the local economic interests of the Black community.  The cities that once attracted us from the Jim Crow South per the presence of jobs - today rank as the leading cities where Black male unemployment are at epidemic proportions.  
We do know how the strategic efforts of the Progressive Black Establish have turned out.  They indeed were a success for the Democratic Party and the Progressive ideology in retaining a loyal base but a failure for the cause of building up the organic competencies WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Redding News Review Questions If The "Fawning Black Progressive Journalists And Blogers Can Be Objective"

(Note: Rob Redding is far from a Black conservative. I give him more credit for being a student of his craft than most who as they are fully compromised. )

Mediaite Story On The "Black Obama Press"

Maynard Institute - Obama Journalists & Bloggers

From Redding News Review:

ATLANTA, Oct. 15, 2010, 10 a.m. - Raising questions about their objectivity, black journalists and bloggers this week cheered President Obama's apparent impromptu appearance at a White House workshop.

The president, who has assailed 24 hour networks like FOX News, was cheered after he told the bloggers and journalists from The Washington Post-owned Root; NBC-owned The Grio; AOL Black Voices; CBS-owned Black Entertainment Television and Reach Media-owned Black America Web that most black are not watching NBC's "Meet The Press."

Representatives for Essence, Jack & Jill Politics, City Limits, Concrete Loop, and MediaTakeOut were also reported to have been in attendance.

Obama made the comments at the "black online summit" at the White House on Monday.

The Democratic National Committee is reported to be spending $3 million to reach black voters through the black media, after the administration was assailed for its lack of spending by some in the black-owned press in 2008.


"I'll also say that just bringing together black web outlets to the White House, just sitting them down and saying, 'We respect your mission,' is a huge step. We met President Obama today. It's difficult to imagine a black web summit even taking place in the Bush White House, let alone a black web summit that would have seen President Bush stop by. It's not like we saw any major reforms take place in that room today, but we did see progress." 

Mr Jefferson with Bush - all things being equal - YOU and others were more prone to PICKET the White House than you were to sit down for a meeting by which you coordinate your propaganda strategy with that of the President.

Just think Mr Jefferson:

Though Obama's party:

  • Presides over the majority of the Black schools that have not meet A.Y.P.
  • Presides over nearly all of the "25 Most Violent Zip Codes In America"
  • Controls ALL of the 25 Black Male Unemployment Cities 
you and the rest of the Progressive Black Press outlets in the room felt more honored that you were allowed into the White House more than you cared to REFUSE to look past these local FACTS as you instead agreed to maintain the NATIONAL agenda for the Progressives, the Democrats and Obama.

NPR's News And Notes: Discussion of the Obama Black Press Meeting

Go to the 6 minute mark:

By the way Professor Spence - Blogger Prometheus6 would NOT have "held Obama's feet to the fire" as you proclaim.

Instead he would have been kissing Obama's toes so thoroughly for the honor that Obama will have found a new pleasure point for Michelle to try on him the next time they consummate their relationship within the White House.

I would be more impressed with Prometheus6 if he showed more competency in actually DEBATE with a Black conservative than talking about them all of the time.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UPDATED - My Comments On "The Grio" Must Be Approved By The Administrator

I am prepared to apologized to The Grio IF I am proven wrong.  Subsequent comments were not met with a "These comments must be approved by the blog administrator before posting".  If there was an offending word that I posted which triggered this - I will apologize to The Grio

The pattern continues.

Is it the frequency of my posts or the fact that I confront those content contributors and posters who post their own propaganda?

If I was cursing, attacking or otherwise maligning anyone the sanctions that "Progressive who are Black" web sites often place upon me would be understandable.

Instead it is quite clear that their mission is propaganda in support of their ideological viewpoint.  This is purported for the purposes of advancing the Black agenda.

The primary way to thwart those who put forth the popular viewpoint that "Black people must vote or the Republicans will win, thus injuring the Black community" is to take the conversation BACK TO the Black community which is monopoly controlled by people they favor and demand that the poster show that we are not already being damaged.

Instead of confronting me - (if my views are bogus or if I am a "Republican operative" then my antics are easily exposed) they prefer to continue their own agenda without any molestation from those who are on to them.

The Black community's political activism is in its worst possible condition ever.  It no longer needs to hide its real agenda.  It is no longer a 'Black community development agenda'.  It is only a progressive, anti-Republican agenda.   The absence of Republicans within our community has NOT made us prosper.

Only a more inductive approach inward where our people are made to craft our desired standard of living will provide the foundation for change.

Sadly too many of these "Black Advocacy" web sites are merely an attempt to fortify the 'ideological unity' that these operatives depend upon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Give Oliver Willis Credit - At Least Media Matters Is PAYING Him For What He Does

Oliver Willis Blog

I have to admit that I am not settled upon one key issue: Does a blog that is created by a Black person have any particular mandate to talk about the Black community's issues?

Is the blog content free to spend all of its times bashing the popular enemies of Black people without linking any of this back to how the Black community will be developed as a result of their antics?

I am forced to say NO.  A person's skin color does not bind him to a particular focus on any given subject matter.  

However those making an appraisal of the body of his work are also allowed to discredit the person IF he later comes around and claims to be advancing the permanent interests of the Black community in all of his efforts, thus pointing to how his positions are closely paralleled by the populous.  

Most people won't even see why this last paragraph is wrong.  They mistake POPULAR with EFFECTIVE.  Today more than ever the prevailing thoughts that are present within the Black community are in need of a reset.   This is proven by the fact that were there is the greatest amount of success where our people have what looks good on paper are often also the greatest amount of unfavorable results in the areas that count the most.   To be specific - in the(functionally)all-Democratic cities of Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Chicago so many of the core elements that the Black activism movement has struggled for remain elusive.   Instead of making note of this void and initiating a course correction the ideological-bigots who have influence over our people have merely doubled down and have us to "vote harder".

I Am Oliver Willis And Media Matters Approves This Message

I have never heard of Oliver Willis before about 6 months ago.  In going down the blog links on "RippDemUp" I ran across his blog.    A Black male with a blog is not an eyebrow raiser these days.  A Black male who's content is about 96% "Anti-Republican" entries without any link to Black community issues at all.   Now even in the midst of our present conditioning this stands out.

I am forced to credit (I didn't say "respect" I said "credit") Mr Willis for disclosing that he is an employee of "Media Matters" and thus receives a salary for what he does.   I am merely curious as to why he feels the need to put up a note that attempts to separate his personal views from that of his employer's when they are both one in the same.

I am curious as to how the engagement transpired.  Did the operatives of the George Soros funded "Media Matters" review blog sites and recruited Mr Willis after seeing that he has the same jaundiced view as they do, allowing him to see only out of his right eye?  Or did he become an employee of theirs for the sake of diversity and after which his senses were molded in line with their prevailing outlook?

I guess I can't fault a Black man for having a job printing posters on a modern day minstrel show.  At least he is not among the unemployed.

The problem is that Mr Willis and others are going to likely run out of the masturbatory impact of their knowledge that "BUSH DID IT" as this present malaise lasts far larger than Bush was in office, despite all of their cheerleading for the present occupant of the White House and their obfuscation elsewhere.

Shamefully more Black people are inclined to value the efforts of Mr Willis than the call that I am making to force the Black Press to use its "yellow" tint that it has acquired.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lampblack Yellow Journalist Hutchinson Focuses On "Obama's War" With The GOP Rather Than The Failures Of His Machine WITHIN The Black Community

Is President Obama in Danger of Losing the Black Vote?

What good is a "Black Press" when they ultimately fight on behalf of the machine they are a part of rather than fighting FOR the interests of the Black community?  They being true in their fight even when they have to take on another tentacle of the Black Establishment that is failing our community?

Earl Offari Hutchinson, like President Obama himself needs to get Black people enlisted in their respective fights with the GOP as a means of extracting our votes out of us.   Just as Obama told a crowd of college students at an HBCU the other day "The GOP THINKS that you are not going to come out to the polls and vote.  YOU need to prove them wrong."

Shamefully the Black Progressive Establishment Press is too compromised to refocus the Obama Administration AND its counterparts that control every single institution where Black people live in our highest concentrations to fix what they promised to do upon their campaign for our votes.

Worst yet the Black Progressive Establishment Press  will never reach a point at which they start questioning the policies that they have been prodding Obama to push for AND the ideology and theories on government that they stem from.

Friday, October 8, 2010

MSNBC O'Donnell Slur Against Steele: Filled-Negro Covers It Media Matters Doesn't

I am forced to give credit to my estranged Philly homeboy Filled-Negro.   At least this one time his "racism chasing" "Spidey Sense" has him turning against his progressive friends at MSNBC to call them out against a slight against a Black man named Michael Steele.   Though, in the viewpoint of Filled-Negro and his AfroSpear band of "blogger understudies" Mr Steele is sleeping with the enemy (of progressives) it is nice to see my old friend remain consistent in sniffing out racism.

Lawrence O'Donnell of the progressive-fundamentalist network MSNBC said the following about RNC chairman Michael Steele:
"As the first congressional election during his party chairmanship approaches, Michael Steele is dancing as fast as he can trying to charm independent voters and Tea Partiers while never losing sight of his real master and paycheck provider, the Republican National Committee"

This blog site is not about pursuing charges of "racism".  Instead the mission is to inspect those who typically racism chase - if they are Black OR who those who "feed Black people the chum" from which they "racism chase against interesting targets" if they are White Liberal Snarling Foxes seeking to keep the Black vote in their pockets.

When you see a Black news source that relies too heavily on "Media Matters", "Southern Poverty Law Center", "Daily KOS" or "HuffPo" - you should seek to find two other independent news sources in order to get a better approximation of the truth.  Going to the actual source and listening for yourself is usually the best practice.

For ME - Lawrence O'Donnell could fully redeem himself IF he were to report on "Street Pirate against Black" assaults EQUALLY to that which is reported when Tea Party, Right Wing operatives or Republicans make slights against "Progressives who are Black".  Instead MSNBC doesn't report on Street Pirate violence for risk of pissing off its "Progressive who is Black" viewership who prefer to focus upon Republicans.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harry Belafonte - The Tea Party Is The Biggest Insidious Threat To America

No astonishment from he in Harry Belafonte's words.
He (and some others) are so tired and so predictable that I actually feel a bit more sorry for them than any other sentiment that I can think of.

If you want to know why Black leadership has collapsed look to the grand hijacking that has taken place as it has fused itself unabashedly with the leftist Progressive movement.

"Progressives Who Are Democrats Who Are Black" Plot To Protect Obama

When I argue that a more clear understanding of certain people can be achieved when we consider them "Progressives" or "Democrats" and not "Black" I know what I am talking about based on careful observation.

From the Jack & Jill Politics blog.
They no longer even pretend that they are doing anything other than protecting Obama at all costs.

It appears that they are concerned about recent comments from Snarling Fox White Liberal Democrats about Black bloggers pulling their weight in support of the Democrats.  They are tired of being used by Democrats that call in the middle of the night - right before an election but whom appear to be unconcerned about "Black issues" after they get what they want.

I have told everyone previously - in such relationships the problem is not with the "player but instead with the "hoe" who keeps opening her legs, as she enjoys the thrill of the moment while is resentful of the aftereffects when he goes to service his main squeeze.. 

My response to Booky's comments about what needs to be done for election success for Obama and the Democrats:

[quote]1.Stop the attack on public schools and public school teachers. They are not the problem they are the solution. [/quote]

If the conditions at the school that used to be called "The Preparatory High School For Colored Youth" is any reference - the ATTACKS that you need to focus upon is with the "Street Pirates In Training" that execute violent attacks in the halls of the school so much so that parents are demanding more RESOURCE OFFICERS to protect their children.

By the way this schools is now called "Dunbar High School". The school once run by the great Ana Julia Cooper and was the best school for Blacks in the nation is now yet another failing inner city school that recently hosted Al Sharpton and MSNBC honor of King. They were LOOKING for quality education but would not know how to get it if it bit them on the backside.

[quote]2. Stand up to Faux News. [/quote]
WOW. With only 1.38% of Blacks watching Fox News I wonder why they are a SUPERIOR threat to you.
I just listened to my good friend tell me that his teenaged daughter paid $60 for a ticket to hear rapper "Drake". Don't you think that more of our people are negatively impacted by the words said by the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" which threaten to "kill any Black man who steps to them" than anything that you can pin on Fox?

Fox is not at threat to the Black community.
Fox is ONLY a threat to PROGRESSIVES.
Sadly I am not sure that you know the difference.

3. Have a come to Jesus meeting with the Blue Dogs/DINO's. [/quote]
Wow the CONSERVATIVE minority in the Democratic Party is the problem???
Are there any CONSERVATIVES running Detroit, Chicago or Atlanta? Look at how the Black permanent interests THRIVE once you progressive-fundamentalists slay the conservative threat.

I get the feeling that back in the day you might have been saying "Once we get those minority Nigras in check this nation will be a whole lot better".

4. Either order Eric Holder to clean up the InJustice Dept. or find someone who can/will. The only thing he's done is drop the charges against AK Sen. Ted Stevens (R). Scooter Libby justice is alive and well. [/quote]

Booky the BULK of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOLESTATIONS happening upon Black people in 2010 are happening locally AND are not labeled "Civil Rights Violations" by people like you for no other reason than the fact that the ASSAILANT is not an interesting target for you. Black people are being shot in the head, communities terrorized. Elderly Blacks fearful of taking a stroll down the street. While you go searching around for INJUSTICE - your Riverblindness has you unable to see that which is right before you.

5. Don't be afraid to find/join a Black Church. God is who really brought to the dance. [/quote]

Funny how your ideological ally Bill Maher who would consider you as IGNORANT for being a Christian (as I assume you are) was less of a threat to you than was Fox News who is only an IDEOLOGICAL threat to you. I thought it was Jesus before Progressivism?

6. Stop pandering to the right at the expense of your base. [/quote]
I am at a loss of words on this one.
I get the feeling that for you LEFT = CORRECT.
Regardless of the real world carnage that one could show you where your ideology is left to fester in an unchecked manner the main criticism that you have for Obama and the Democrats is that they are "pandering to the right". Amazing

7. Put the Talking TeeVee Pundit Head class in check, you can start with Joe Scarbrough. [/quote]

Clearly you have an issue with Conservatives.
Let me ask you a question. After monitoring Maddow and Olbermann and Schultz for a long time I notice one thing in relation to their coverage of issues WITHIN the Black community:

Let a RIGHT WING militia group kill a person or step on an ant (see the Arkansas police shooting) and these three will provide nightly coverage of this as a THREAT. In as much as Blacks are "the least of these" and a protected group they will detail how Black people are vulnerable if we don't stay vigilant against these Right wing groups.

All the while a STREET PIRATE DRUG GANG could have a stash of weapons and can shoot 5 people dead in one sitting and NOT A PEEP of this will be mentioned on MSNBC Progressive Propagandists.

Here is the deal - the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers (that would be YOU) doesn't care that they skip this coverage in favor of a right winger to be exposed as a threat. In fact if they did talk about this murder and failed to make the Street Pirates who killed the people VICTIMS of marginalization in society but instead noted that they had some ORGANIC MURDEROUS PSYCHOSIS from the culture that they are bathed in - YOU and other BQPFRCs would likely be up in arms with MSNBC for attempting to portray "Blacks as killers".

Do you see that you are far more interested in building up your IDEOLOGY than you are the Black Community?

If there is anyone who "Needs Jesus" to show him/her that GOD did not make ideologies or political parties BUT INSTEAD MADE US ALL EQUALLY COMPETENT BECAUSE WE ARE MADE IN HIS IMAGE - it is you (and my good friend Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist and Filled Negro)

Friday, October 1, 2010 Goes To DC As A March Participant This Time Instead Of A Critic

A content contributor from plans to attend this weekend's PROGRESSIVE rally. Not as a journalist but as a participant. This is not a surprise.

The surprise that I have relates to how the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is able to induce amnesia as to the land that he now controls after several decades of struggle. While in this induced state he is able to go to Washington DC and:
  • Protest FOR Quality Education For Black people - but not realize that his prior protests lead him to his present control over the schools that are failing
  • Protest FOR Justice - but this does not include the civil rights violations that are occurring WITHIN the Black Community as street pirates terrorize our people
  • Protest FOR Jobs - never having to admit that after he won his struggle for political control over his area - the regulation and taxes placed upon the "consumers of labor" played a part in their departure.  All of them did not "move overseas".  Many shutdown or moved to a less hostile place in a "right to work" state.

Sherrilyn Ifill Progressive Are Getting Confused Between The Oct 2nd Progressive March And The Stewart/Colbert March Of Oct 30 - The Joke Is On Who?

Ms Ifill:

Your accounts of this Progressive march on Saturday highlights the problem with The

You are "attending" this march of hundreds of Progressive-Fundamentalist organizations. When it came to the "Glenn Beck Rally" - The "SENT" a swarm of reporters to "figure out" what these people are thinking with the intent of presenting the most biased and skeptical viewpoint. You sent others to the nearby "Al Shartpon and MoveOn.ORG Rally" and instead of skepticism I read your accounts of people who attended the original march in 1963 and how "wonderful" they thought that the 2010 rally was.

Do you find it ironic, Ms Ifill that this Saturday's march is a rally for "jobs justice and education" when, in fact, where Black people live in our highest concentrations - the PREVIOUS activism has it so that "favorable people" are in place right now, they having promised to provided these things to Black people upon election?

Do you see Ms Ifill: "Progressivism is IN-organic". It is a "struggle" milieu. When it assumes the seat of POWER and yet the condition of the people who promoted it into power fails to change - those "permanent-strugglers" don't continue protesting AGAINST the people who are now in these seats of power per their liking. Instead they find out where their ideological enemies have gone and protest against them.

Ms Ifill:

* Do Black people lack "Quality Schools" due to some force beyond those adults who have the final say upon the young people who sit in the seats? (The Parents, the school administrators, the school system administration, the adults in the community)

* Are the biggest INJUSTICES that Black people face in 2010 related to Crack being punished more harshly than powder OR the murderous rampage of "Street Pirate Gangs" who shoot up our communities as they sell crack and other drugs? WHO is in office to protect our seats other than the police chief that was appointed by the mayor that you voted for?

* Look at where Progressivism is unchecked by any countervailing force as it has its "Mission Accomplished" banner firmly planted and you are very likely to see a place with above normal unemployment. You won the battle but ran away the "Consumers of Labor" - your long time adversary. Those who used to be WORKERS, and who were given a "living wage" now are merely people looking for a job. Their adversary who was said to be "EXPLOITING THEM" has decided to stop "exploiting them". Are they better off Ms Ifill?

Do you see that after your ideology has run its course and is now the prevailing power over the local institutions new techniques are required so that the people's interests are not injured by your ideological entrenchment.

Sadly the Progressive-Fundamentalist is not willing to allow the hard facts about his circumstance to trigger some needed INTROSPECTION. With the domain under his control suffering ill-effects he simply SCALES UP his protests, outward toward the next higher domain.

Ms Ifill - do you see that body of water in front of you? That is the "Pacific Ocean". The Progressive-Fundamentalist movement has no more land to expand to as a means of appeasing your desire for "motion". All "motion" is not FORWARD motion. It is time for the Progressive-Fundamentalists to TURN AROUND and start to MANAGE the lands that you now have control over. You need to build up ORGANIC-COMPETENCIES within the people. Instead you prefer to raid the lock boxes of others as your man point of IDEOLOGICAL UNITY.

YOU have control over our schools. Show that you do value our children, NOT just by demanding that the nation show that it values them. Instead you need to teach them a new consciousness by which they value themselves and this will be expressed by how they treat their peers. Do this and the majority of the problems within would be solved.