Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank You Care Bear For The Link To This Fem-Socialist Site

Solidarity - A Democratic Socialist Revolutionary Feminist Anti-Racist Organization

I have to thank my friend Care Bear for pointing me to the web site linked above.
I actually like "muckraking left-wing" activist web sites and magazines.  It allows me to understand how my views are different from theirs.

When I see this Black female holding up a sign (presumably) in New York City in defense of the construction of the Islamic mosque and against the (mostly) right-wing intolerance against any increase in the American presence of Islam - I am forced to transport this woman to Afghanistan or Iran and make note of the irony.

You see in these two nations ISLAM would be the "oppressive establishment".  If this same woman where to protest on behalf of the settlement of a Christian church, for example, she would be subjected to physical threat and or oppression.

This is why I am forced to conclude that radical-progressivism is merely CONTEXTUAL as well as IN-ORGANIC.

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