Thursday, September 30, 2010

The October 2nd March On Washington - A Review Of The Coverage

USA Today: Liberal Groups Head To Washington

When I read the accounts of a few individuals who are heading as captured by the USA Today article I couldn't help but notice one thing:   The areas that they are grieving about are already control by progressives!

  • High Tuition costs
  • A Transit worker who lost her job
  • Better education in Chicago
From this I am forced to conclude that they are not marching against the "favorable people" who are in power.  Instead they are marching to "provide a clearing" so that these people in power can press for more income redistributive policies.  

As we contrast the news coverage and opinion articles leading up to this event as compared to the Glenn Beck Rally - the differences could not be more stark.   There is no critical or negative coverage against the October 2nd event.  These marchers are being sold as the voice of real Americans who are hurting.  Glenn Beck's "Tea Party" marchers are mean-spirited racists who coming to DC for no other reason than to oppose the Black man in the White House.

The news media has reached a point of out and out fraud in their coverage.  Their goal is not to cover the news.  It is to paint a caricature in defense of their ideological preferences.  We often hear about Fox News.  There needs to be closer inspection of the network of other news outlets, opinion writers of which the Black press is complicit.

By executing activist movements to get "favorable people" into power and yet avoid criticizing them but instead attacking the system in America the progressive-fundamentalists are allowed to continue their quest for power without ever having to do the necessary introspection that would confirm the veracity of their theories. 

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