Sunday, September 19, 2010

Color Of Change Is More Theatened By Fox News Than They Are The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Genre

I can't help but to notice that when there is a particular drive by Snarling Fox White Liberals to try and countermand a particular right-wing initiative - if I turn to "The Color Of" propaganda site I will typically see that same initiative. Except it is in "blackface".

In the face of overwhelming economic grief in the Black community, the home of so many "Mission Accomplished" signs placed there by politicians that are otherwise favorable to the "Color Of Change", they see as their "featured campaign" the  need to "Turn Off Fox".

Keep in mind that this latest drive against Fox News follows their previous attempts to shut down Glenn Beck's advertisers after Beck said that President Obama appears to be "racist against White people".  If unproven allegations of racism were a terminable offense CoC would have had to shut down a long time ago.

The key point that must be understood is that Glenn Beck has plotted the org chart of the progressive-operative constellation that The Color Of Change operates it.  From George Soros' money came, Media Matters and of course "The Color Of Change".

Media Matters "Watches Fox News so you don't have to".  They package up the "offensive" content and then send it through to their syndicates.  

The Color Of Change just happens to be the channel by which this information is directed toward the Black community. 

Who Is Watching The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" Content?

Let me be gracious and assume that the only agenda of CoC is to monitor the media for sources of "offensive" content to Black people and then to strike back at those who dare inject such "hatred" into the public discourse.  If they don't listen to reason CoC and other progressive operative groups will leverage the power of the Internet to hit them in the wallet by going after their advertisers.

I have been struck as I notice that the CoC and other left-wing operative groups have never gone outside of "Best Buy" on Tuesday mornings to protest the latest album release by any Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate artist.  There is no greater source for the introduction of the word "Nigger" or its derivative "Nigga" into the popular lexicon than this particular genre of music.

Worse yet - as I understand it the CoC has several members that originate for Oakland California.  Having just watched another running of "The Means Streets With Judge Mathis" which ran on TV One this week - the sight of Oakland as one of the two "violent cities for Black folks" proved to be curious. 

Here we have "from the horse's mouth" Black people from the streets telling of how violent Oakland (and Newark NJ) are.   Whereas the CoC and other progressives are concerned that "Sarah Palin Political Rallies" will trigger a culture of VIOLENCE against Black people.............the Color Of Change doesn't appear bothered in the least by the blatant threats of violence or physical reciprocity in response to the THREAT that is registered by the Hip Hop artist for the person who "disses" him.

How is it that when it comes to "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" WORDS do not trigger violence?
Yet when it comes to "Tea Party Rallies"....................the progressive operatives must work doggedly to contain this "hate speech" lest Black people and other minorities suffer from attacks?

Just let some Black folks try and rechristen the Dr C. Delores Tucker and Tipper Gore "attack" on "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate".  They will find themselves as new inductees in the "Honorary Tea Party Convention", as compiled by the Color Of Change.

You know those "tail lights" that I keep referring to on the car that is seen through the windshield of the vehicle that you are riding in as the infinite universe has looped around on itself?   I just noticed that it has a "Color Of Change" bumper sticker on the bumper.

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