Thursday, September 30, 2010

The October 2nd March On Washington - A Review Of The Coverage

USA Today: Liberal Groups Head To Washington

When I read the accounts of a few individuals who are heading as captured by the USA Today article I couldn't help but notice one thing:   The areas that they are grieving about are already control by progressives!

  • High Tuition costs
  • A Transit worker who lost her job
  • Better education in Chicago
From this I am forced to conclude that they are not marching against the "favorable people" who are in power.  Instead they are marching to "provide a clearing" so that these people in power can press for more income redistributive policies.  

As we contrast the news coverage and opinion articles leading up to this event as compared to the Glenn Beck Rally - the differences could not be more stark.   There is no critical or negative coverage against the October 2nd event.  These marchers are being sold as the voice of real Americans who are hurting.  Glenn Beck's "Tea Party" marchers are mean-spirited racists who coming to DC for no other reason than to oppose the Black man in the White House.

The news media has reached a point of out and out fraud in their coverage.  Their goal is not to cover the news.  It is to paint a caricature in defense of their ideological preferences.  We often hear about Fox News.  There needs to be closer inspection of the network of other news outlets, opinion writers of which the Black press is complicit.

By executing activist movements to get "favorable people" into power and yet avoid criticizing them but instead attacking the system in America the progressive-fundamentalists are allowed to continue their quest for power without ever having to do the necessary introspection that would confirm the veracity of their theories. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank You Care Bear For The Link To This Fem-Socialist Site

Solidarity - A Democratic Socialist Revolutionary Feminist Anti-Racist Organization

I have to thank my friend Care Bear for pointing me to the web site linked above.
I actually like "muckraking left-wing" activist web sites and magazines.  It allows me to understand how my views are different from theirs.

When I see this Black female holding up a sign (presumably) in New York City in defense of the construction of the Islamic mosque and against the (mostly) right-wing intolerance against any increase in the American presence of Islam - I am forced to transport this woman to Afghanistan or Iran and make note of the irony.

You see in these two nations ISLAM would be the "oppressive establishment".  If this same woman where to protest on behalf of the settlement of a Christian church, for example, she would be subjected to physical threat and or oppression.

This is why I am forced to conclude that radical-progressivism is merely CONTEXTUAL as well as IN-ORGANIC.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AfroSpear Agent Filled-Negro Successfully Puts The "Tea Baggers" On Trial In Defense Of Obama

Filled Negro-Let Them Eat Hot Dogs

Please allow me to "big picture" this for you.

IF you were under the (mistaken) assumption that upon the rise of "favorable people" into power, over your interests, that upon their ascension into power the operatives who TOLD YOU THIS would now switch and hold the occupants of the seat of power accountable for your present circumstances - you just got a hot dog stuck in your ear.

My friend Filled-Negro is at the point of predictability to the point of boredom.  I am sure that some of you ladies can relate to how tiring this is.

If you notice the line of argument in the like above from the Filled-Negro blog - he concludes that since the was no "Tea Party movement" under Clinton, Carter or Nixon - it MUST BE the race of the present president that is the driving force.

If my Jamaican friend were more insightful - he would instead turn his microscope on the fact that at present:

  • Black America has an unemployment rate of 16.3%
  • Black America suffers from failing schools in places where favorable people run them
  • Black America still suffers from physical attacks but the Street Pirates have replaced the Klan

Of course we know that 'the Black voter KNOWS HIS OWN BEST INTEREST" and votes that way.  Prof Manning Marable told us this about ourselves. 

I told you all early on that the next several years is going to be a slow moving motion picture by which the Black American is going to have his own dignity and all pretenses of transparency STRIPPED TO THE BONE as he tucks away his permanent interests in defense of his permanent friend that is in the White House.

Admittedly - I do not want this nation to collapse to the point where there is an open and unchecked mutiny against President Obama BY THE BLACK ESTABLISHMENT.   This is a point too far for the sake of the nation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

BET Uncut - Evaluate The True Interests Of A Person By The Abundance Of Content On His Blog

The BET Uncut blog says it all.

With these graphics on the blog of a resident of nearby McLean Virginia..........its no wonder that these graphics appear posted on the wall at the DC Public Schools administrative offices, with BET Uncut happy that Mayor Fenty (D-DC) was booted out by the Black Democratic establishment because he "disrespected" them as Fenty won the "Republican Primary" in DC as a write in candidate.

And you wonder why the Black community is..........................................

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Color Of Change Is More Theatened By Fox News Than They Are The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Genre

I can't help but to notice that when there is a particular drive by Snarling Fox White Liberals to try and countermand a particular right-wing initiative - if I turn to "The Color Of" propaganda site I will typically see that same initiative. Except it is in "blackface".

In the face of overwhelming economic grief in the Black community, the home of so many "Mission Accomplished" signs placed there by politicians that are otherwise favorable to the "Color Of Change", they see as their "featured campaign" the  need to "Turn Off Fox".

Keep in mind that this latest drive against Fox News follows their previous attempts to shut down Glenn Beck's advertisers after Beck said that President Obama appears to be "racist against White people".  If unproven allegations of racism were a terminable offense CoC would have had to shut down a long time ago.

The key point that must be understood is that Glenn Beck has plotted the org chart of the progressive-operative constellation that The Color Of Change operates it.  From George Soros' money came, Media Matters and of course "The Color Of Change".

Media Matters "Watches Fox News so you don't have to".  They package up the "offensive" content and then send it through to their syndicates.  

The Color Of Change just happens to be the channel by which this information is directed toward the Black community. 

Who Is Watching The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" Content?

Let me be gracious and assume that the only agenda of CoC is to monitor the media for sources of "offensive" content to Black people and then to strike back at those who dare inject such "hatred" into the public discourse.  If they don't listen to reason CoC and other progressive operative groups will leverage the power of the Internet to hit them in the wallet by going after their advertisers.

I have been struck as I notice that the CoC and other left-wing operative groups have never gone outside of "Best Buy" on Tuesday mornings to protest the latest album release by any Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate artist.  There is no greater source for the introduction of the word "Nigger" or its derivative "Nigga" into the popular lexicon than this particular genre of music.

Worse yet - as I understand it the CoC has several members that originate for Oakland California.  Having just watched another running of "The Means Streets With Judge Mathis" which ran on TV One this week - the sight of Oakland as one of the two "violent cities for Black folks" proved to be curious. 

Here we have "from the horse's mouth" Black people from the streets telling of how violent Oakland (and Newark NJ) are.   Whereas the CoC and other progressives are concerned that "Sarah Palin Political Rallies" will trigger a culture of VIOLENCE against Black people.............the Color Of Change doesn't appear bothered in the least by the blatant threats of violence or physical reciprocity in response to the THREAT that is registered by the Hip Hop artist for the person who "disses" him.

How is it that when it comes to "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" WORDS do not trigger violence?
Yet when it comes to "Tea Party Rallies"....................the progressive operatives must work doggedly to contain this "hate speech" lest Black people and other minorities suffer from attacks?

Just let some Black folks try and rechristen the Dr C. Delores Tucker and Tipper Gore "attack" on "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate".  They will find themselves as new inductees in the "Honorary Tea Party Convention", as compiled by the Color Of Change.

You know those "tail lights" that I keep referring to on the car that is seen through the windshield of the vehicle that you are riding in as the infinite universe has looped around on itself?   I just noticed that it has a "Color Of Change" bumper sticker on the bumper.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Do You Do When Fox News Is Kicking Your Butt Royally?


You begin talking about the BATTLE FOR #2.

In the eyes of some people - it also helps to blunt the pain by making the case that as "Americans grows STUPIDER" Fox's ratings increase.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kelsey Grammer & Philly Sixer's Owner Launch Conservative Entertainment Network

RightNetwork hopes for piece of audience that made Fox News, Limbaugh successful

Oh no.  This is going to drive the "Progressives who are Black" over the edge.
Expect a boycott of the Sixers this season.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MSNBC's "Hatred" Is Not Organic Because Fox News Triggered It

The man that was invited on stage by Al Sharpton because he epitomizes what Dr King stood for has some issue with hatred.

If you ever wondered why MSNBC is not called out as biased as we hear about FOX News - look no further than the silence that has been exhibited in the general press over Ed Schultz's rant.

I have been monitoring 3 of the 4 night time shows at MSNBC over the past few years. (I have not gotten to "Hardball Yet"). Whereas I can't take Keith Olbermann's constant sarcasm I have respect for Rachael Maddow's intelligence despite my disagreements with her. When it comes to Ed Schultz's show it is best described as an anti-Republican/anti-Fox News show from start to finish.

Now I realize for people who are themselves "Anti" both of these targets - Ed Schultz is a godsend.

Unfortunately Ed Schultz is a "Mall Cop" in that his bigoted focus on one target allows theft to occur by those he is not focused upon. Again - since Al Sharpton and other purported Black community leaders connect with Schutlz's message per his open invitations and their lack of attacks as compared to Fox News - we have to conclude that his message is their message.

When Ed Schultz recently went off with a hate-filled rant against what he wanted to do with Fox News in the context of his show being left off of the prime-time advertising of MSNBC - (his show starts at 6pm) Schultz said the following:

MSNBC talk show screamer Ed Schultz had a meltdown in the network's 30 Rock newsroom, shouting at staff, "I'm going to torch this [bleep]ing place."
The hot-tempered anchor of "The Ed Show" lost it during a phone call in the packed studio and slammed down the phone before exploding.
As astonished MSNBC staff members fell silent, Schultz glared around the room and yelled, "[Bleep]ers!"
A witness told us, "Ed was furious the network was running election-night promos and he wasn't in them. He'd been arguing on the phone with marketing, then he slammed down the phone and exploded. It was like Mel Gibson had entered the newsroom."

Fuming Schultz was immediately dragged in for a meeting with NBC News President Steve Capus and MSNBC President Phil Griffin following his Aug. 12 meltdown.
Our source added, "Schultz was told: 'If you do that again, you are fired.' He broke down crying."
Sources say the hothead was pushed over the edge by MSNBC's catering to bullying fellow anchor Keith Olbermann and its focus on golden girl Rachel Maddow.
A second MSNBC source said, "Ed never gets any attention and love, and he finally snapped."
Schultz, who's fronted his 6 p.m. show on MSNBC for 16 months, also doesn't hold back on his radio show. He once told White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, "You're full of [bleep]." And after Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck revealed a condition that may make him go blind, Schultz said, "It's a travesty he's not going to see the country he's trying to destroy."
A spokeswoman for Schultz and the network declined to comment on the incident but said, "The only thing that's on fire are Ed's ratings, and the only people crying are at CNN.

Read more:

 He talked about his sentiments about Fox News:

Ed Schultz on FOX News: And you have no idea, in my bones, in my very soul! In my heart! I want to kick Fox’s ass! I want to drive them into the ground! I want to spike the ball! I want to kick ‘em in the teeth on the way back to the huddle! And then I want to turn around and lift my leg on ‘em! Because that’s all they’re worth! They lie. They cheat. They steal.