Monday, August 2, 2010

What If Media Matters Observed That Hip Hop Music Talks About The Same Violence That Claims Many Black Lives?

Beck denies being "responsible" for planned massacre at office of group he demonized

Let's define the framework.

  1. A media figure brings focus upon a certain individual or entity
  2. The majority of the media figure's loyal followers listen to the words and interpret them per their own understanding. They agree with some of the views and disagree with others
  3. A  small segment of this audience hear the words and either plot a violent action or actually carry it out
  4. As the violent action is inspected the person in the media who was the purveyor of these words take the blame
  5. The conscious public seeks to make the media operative to be more responsible for his words
I get it folks.   I don't have a problem, per se, with this framework.  I have a problem when this framework is selectively used.

While Media Matters, Rachel Maddow and others on the "Snarling Fox White Liberal" left are game to apply this framework to right-wing media sources - Glenn Beck, et al - this are loathed to make such a linkage to the biggest piece of low hanging fruit that is available to us:


If you want to hear death threats against any Black man who "steps to" the media operative....
If you want to hear women being disrespected as merely sex objects for the pleasure of men....
If you want to hear someone vocalizing about profiting from their drug sales into the Black community.....
If you want to hear someone gaining "street cred" from having spent time in JAIL........

Look no further than the lyrics and actions of the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate".

Here is what I don't understand about Media Matters and other leftwing propaganda sources.  They would swear to the Black community that they are looking out for our interests.  If the neo-Klan/neo-CCC factions that are present in:
  • The Republican Party
  • The Tea Parties
  • Fox News
ever get back into power - protected groups such as "racial minorities" will be the first to be assaulted and oppressed.  

Ironically in their claimed pursuit of PROTECTION for our community they overlook the most prevailing killers of our people and the body of media messages that put forth messages which attest to their threat.

We are not going to see Media Matters or Rachel Maddow playing lyrics from the latest Young Jeezy song in which he offers a bounty for anyone who steals the chain from his arch-rival Gucci Mane.  Implicit to the call for this theft of property is some sort of violence against Gucci Mane in order to obtain this item of value.

The key point of irony is that if Media Matters or MSNBC or Southern Poverty Law Center did focus on the threat which the numbers that are available point, turning away from their obvious support for Progressive/Democratic Party institutions - the main blowback from their change of course would come from the array of Progressives who are Black.  They would take this heightened focus upon Street Pirates as them playing on the stereotype of criminality of Black people.  

With this diversionary consciousness intact - some Black people would rather be focused upon issues that can UNIFY them in an external and perpetual struggles against the right wing rather than being made to key in upon the negative force which is documented to be the main source of terror and torture upon our people today.

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