Sunday, August 1, 2010 - Like The NAACP - It No Longer Pretends

My message to Sherrylin Ifill in response to her call for us to unify behind Black leaders, instead of criticizing them.

Ms Ifill:

I am quite sure that you are content with everything that you wrote in your article. Sadly you are so fused to the "Black Establishment Leadership" that you are yet another Black Press operative that is too fatally contaminated to provide any sort of check if the facts proof that despite this popular set of policies that feel comfortable among "Progressives who are Black" don't move this COUNTRY forward any more than it has moved the LOCAL COMMUNITIES forward where it is the "last ideological theory standing".

I laughed when you held up Rachael Maddow and MSNBC as your reference standards. You see I too monitor Racheal Maddow. I notice that while she is aggressive in her pursuit of "Right Wing Militia groups" who hate Blacks and other minorities, Ms Maddow doesn't dare cover the "Street Pirates" that are ringing up more dead Black people per month than any deaths of Blacks that can be attributed to the right-wing militias over the past several years. Do you think that Rachael Maddow will say a single word about Robert Freeman - the 13 year old Black male in Chicago that was fired upon more than 13 times recently?

You see Ms Ifill you will claim that I am "changing the subject". The truth is that you and other Black Press Operatives are the one's with the television remote control. I am supposed to fear Andrew Brietbart and the Tea Parties for what they might do......if they assist the Republicans to return to power (what a coincidence). All the while you, Maddow and others keep us dutifully focused on the "Malcolm X Political Football game" - where Blacks are now allowed in as starters.

Why is it so important to you that I as a Black man not focus on "cannibalizing Black leaders"? It appears that you prefer unity over the strong scrutiny which asks "are our BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERMANENT INTERESTS" being delivered as this machine grows in power, already in control over our communities and our schools. Or are you content with the INTENTION of our interests being served, with it just so happens that the Democratic Party and progressive causes growing stronger as we invest our interests in these external third party forces, figuring that their victories are ours?

Who exactly benefits from your time of silence and unity Ms Ifill?

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