Sunday, August 29, 2010

The "Racist Tea Party" - The

Note - I am using this blog to "shadow post" because my history of engaging progressive-bigots shows me that they don't like to be aggressively challenged and will start deleting my posts.

I refuse to allow them to control the delete button to my thoughts.

Timmy Cat Chores :

If we distill the historical essence of RACISM as experienced by Black people:

* Violence and Murder was used to intimidate Black people into "Staying in our places"

* Quality Education was suppressed so that we could not train up our people to solve our problems

* Our Business and Economic interests were attacked and burned so that we could not generate money in support of our freedom

TCC - can you fully document for us which of these points of "RACISM" that the Tea Party is using against Black people today?

Do you ever wonder how a group that is purported to be a loose assembly of "White people" but no formal structure can grow into being placed upon the top of the list of priority focus for "Progressives who are Black" as you all claim to be advancing Black people's interests?

Do you see why it is important for the Black Community's consciousness to be taken away from the Progressive and placed into the hands of TRANSPARENT LEADERSHIP? The Progressive is always going to use our people's interests to advance their POLITICAL interests. The Black community who remains grieving will never turn around and hold those who are in control over all of our institutions accountable because we have been conditioned to believe that the Progressive's interests are Black Community interests - looking past the gross examples of where this is proven to be an outright lie.

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