Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Priority For Black America According To The Philly Tribune: Time For Obama To Call Out The Right Wing

It’s time for Obama to call out the Right

I have noted many times the flaws and the damage that would come as Black America "lived vicariously" through the presence of Barack Obama in the White House.  Those who take his election into office as their "mission accomplished" will be seen compromising themselves throughout his term in office.  In fact it is irrelevant what the state of our key misery index elements might be at the time of reelection.  Getting him reelected is the continuation of the mission that they have adopted.

Thus it comes as no surprise that an article in the Philadelphia Tribune looks past all of the pressing issues in Black American and in the troubled city of Philadelphia to announce that President Barack Obama needs to come out swinging against Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

I get the feeling that if Obama was seen to be effective at using his power in government to suppress the free speech of these right-wing sources that this would win him more loyalties among the "Progressives who are Black" than if he were to bring the Black rate of unemployment down to pre-recession levels.

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