Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poster & Poser Shake Your Brains - Suffering From Shaken Brain Syndrome

My long time debate adversary from Prince Georges County Maryland releases an extended diversionary attack upon a force within the Black community that is both irrelevant in his own estimation and his public enemy #1.  He focuses more upon the Black Conservative than he does the large segment of "Progressives who are Black" that hold actual power over our key institutions.

Below I give the responses made by Shake Your Brains on the subject of the Black Conservative. The key points from his rant are:

  1. Black Conservatives have contempt for the Black community and thus they are rejected
  2. What has the Black Conservative done besides attack Black leaders on behalf of White Conservatives?
  3. The Black Conservative has no constituency within the Black community
  4. The Black Conservatives are doing no work to help poor people in the Black Community
  5. Black people are not poor as the Black Conservative mischaracterizes us - look at the large Black middle class
  6. The reason why there is a Black ghetto is because the GOVERNMENT has failed to invest in these places as they invest in White folks (ie: give them tax cuts)
I will not refute all of the points of Shake Your Brains.  I will instead make an analysis of the big picture and his true motivations.

In this case Shake Your Brains is running a protection racket.  He sees himself as defending the prevailing population of the Black community against two central threats:
  • The External White Conservative
  • The Internal Black Conservative
The Black Conservative is more reprehensible to Shake Your Brains because he has intimate knowledge of the Black community and his words can be more stinging.  Since he is also Black and can't have the traditional "White racist" label applied to him then individuals like Shake Your Brains are forced to "wild'out" on him, dumping upon him with a characterization that far exceeds the Black Conservative's power or proportionality.

In truth this attack is not upon the Black Conservative.  The purpose of the attack is to raise up so harshly upon the Black Conservative that no other Black that remains ideologically unified with the larger population yet is starting to believe the criticism because they can see them with their own eyes won't dare speak out.

You see individuals like Shake Your Brains prefer IDEOLOGICAL UNITY among Black people more than they love the truth and/or intent to submit to transparency as they are made to explain their actions to other Black people in the context of managing our affairs.

Ironically the traditional Republican tells of the glories of America by looking past the poverty and telling of how his wealthy friends are doing quite well in the system that they control.  When it comes to Progressive-Fundamentalists like Shake Your Brains - he points to the segment of Black people who are doing well as he too looks past the poor Blacks - the ones that were huddled in East Point Georgia a few weeks ago, for example.  In both cases they have the goal of protecting the establishment that they defend above all else.

To add insult to injury when it comes to these poor Blacks, Shake Your Booty doesn't mention that the people that he assisted into power at the local area have solid control over the places where these people live.  Instead of DEVELOPING COMPETENCIES amongst these people after taking control over the educational system, production system and their culture - they instead have incubated votes for the favor of the Progressives and the Democrats.

They have turned the promise of increased federal funding that will one day "repair" these people into the carrot that causes these same people to keep voting for progressives in support of the thought that with enough progressives in power that "final bill" having been signed will trigger this point of EQUALITY.

The ironic point is captured in the big picture:  In their hopes to develop these people they don't engage in "competency development" activities but instead get the people to vote resources their way.  We can safely predict that since nothing was asked of these people along the way that would have built up their muscles - they will never reach their desired point and that this was the agenda all along.

Here are snippets of Shake Your Brain's rant from the Booker Rising blog message threads.

What black conservative middle class?

Black conservatives are a small clique of hustlers and opportunists who represent virtually none of the black community.

I mean think about it P.

I live in Prince Georges County Maryland which has the largest concentration of black middle class and black professional class people in the WORLD.

It seems to me that we would be ripe for the conservative message if it had any validity.

Why won't black conservatives at the very least try to sell the black community on their ideology?

Because they physically CAN'T. The contempt is too intense. It's easier for them to wag fingers at black people and tell them how dumb they are for not thinking like the very whites who opposed Civil Rights and every form of black advancement of the last century.

And don't be fooled. Conservatives have no problem with big government, only who gets the money.

Lastly, the next time some black conservative tells me to get off the "liberal" plantation, I'll tell them to remember the vile words and beliefs of the recently deceased James J. Kilpatrick who was one of the fathers of the modern conservative movement.

What has conservatism achieved that has been so wonderful for America let alone black people?

Weren't the conservatives opposed to Civil Rights legislation? To Integration? To Affirmative Action?

Why is the Republican 90% white? Why are there no black Republican elected officials to speak of?

Why does every Republican Presidential candidate have to be dragged kicking and screaming to talk to black folks?

They shouldn't HAVE TO sell us??

This is where you're wrong. Politicians in ghetto areas always promise a new day, new opportunities, better education etc....

Those things will only come with jobs and a tax base.

"At some point, as they indict black community "failure," they are going to have to analyze their role in that "failure."

And this is why they will continue to lose because their premise is wrong.

They repeat the sentiment of white racists who claim that black America has backslided in the last 50 years because of their attachment to liberal paternalism.

Most black people know that's a pile of dung and there has been a sea change in Black America for the positive in the last 50 years.

The poverty and illiteracy rates have reversed. Never have their been more black owned businesses, black professionals and black college graduates in the nations history.

The 1/4 of the black community that is stagnated in the underclass is depicted as the face of black America by the rightwing to justify their "f^ck them" attititude.

Black Republicans should know beter but they perpetuated this garbage for their own personal gain.

Cause Lord knows they have no constituency.

That's because it's a socio-economic problem not a racial one.

The existence of the black middle class is a testament to that.

Or the fact that hispanic barrios are identical to black ghettos.

Whereas progressives realize that there needs to be a national commitment to INVEST in the inner cities, conservatives sind the same old tired songs about self-reliance and nose to the grindstone.

Conveniently ignoring the fact that US Government investment is directly responsible for the white urban ethnic and the Southern whites emergence into the middle class and suburbia.

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