Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Obama Lap-Dog Black Press Expresses Hope For Black Unemployment

Obama signs Jobs Bill as CBC Chair Calls for Specific Help for Blacks

Hazel Trice-Edney works to retain her high ranking on my list of "Lampblack Yellow Journalists".

In my mind I have an index on the torrent of economic challenges that are faced by Black America and the propensity of this brand of journalist that have vowed to defend President Barack Obama even IF they are forced to deemphasize the "permanent interests" of Black America and others in the diaspora. 

In discussing the Black unemployment rate in America at present Ms Edney's goal is two fold:
  1. Remind those Black folks who have bare pantries that the job loss started under George W Bush
  2. Ring the bell of good news in all that Obama has done.  - The Black male unemployment rate has "precipitously"  dropped from 19% down to 16% thanks to the awesome leadership of President Obama and the federal Democrats who are fighting both "racism and the Republicans" on behalf of Black people.

Obama’s stroke of the pen will not wipe out all of the damage done during the economic crisis that started in earnest during the Bush Administration. But, there are high hopes in Black communities where the jobless rate reached back to 15.6 percent last month, up from 15.4 in June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unemployment among Black males – though dropped significantly from its high of 19 percent in March of this year - is still at 16.7 percent, nearly twice the average White rate of 8.6 and White male rate of 8.8 percent.

Notice how with Ms Edney and with other "Progressives who are Journalists who are Black" we never hear much analysis regarding the local areas where their favored progressives have control but have failed to generate jobs for the people there in. Especially not in an organic manner.

Instead they view politicians like Obama as the opportunity creators.  Since it is their view that RACISM is the prevailing reason for the differences in unemployment rates then most certainly a politician like Obama that is committed to stamping out racism will do so and thus the Black unemployment situation will improve.

It is when all of the pro forma promises that had been made prior to the years of elections are aggregated together that we begin to understand the parameters of the situation.
  • Those who the Black Progressive Press have advocated into office now control the SCHOOLS from which educated service providers are to come from
  • Those who the Black Progressive Press have advocated into office now have control over the LOCAL ECONOMIC POLICIES (now they have control over the federal and many state policies as well)
  • They most certainly have a press operation that keeps the Black community focused on "the prize", not getting caught up on the discouraging middle ground along the way.
Despite all of this - the biased Black progressive press is never going to stop and make an enumeration of all that they have going for them, IN THEORY, and use this to begin to ask questions as to why things remain as they are.

In listening to an audio report on the racial differences in redards to unemployment the two points that were brought up were:
  1. RACISM no doubt plays a part in who gets a job and thus we have the unemployment rates as such
  2. Black people with a college degree have an 8% unemployment rate which is STILL double the 4% unemployment rate of WHITE FOLKS with an unemployment rate.
I was stunned that upon hearing #2 they chose to "racism chase" in their consideration of why Blacks with degrees don't have a 4% rate as well.   The fact that a Black with a college degree has a better unemployment rate than ALL OF AMERICA which presently stands at 9.7%.    

It is clear that certain media operatives have no interest in providing proper guidance to Black America.  They would rather cast their lot in extinguishing all possible aspects of racism - except for their own.

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