Saturday, August 28, 2010

Media Matters Sees "Politics On Stage" With Beck's Rally - Don't See Al Sharpton's Stage Lineup

MALL COP - A bigoted security guard who is charged with protecting something of value but who's vision is biased by their own blurred view.

All the while that the mall cop is doggedly focused on the people who he believes are natural "shoplifters", the store merchandise that he is charged to protect is being lifted by those who benefit in the wake of his bigotry.

As he makes his rounds through the store he confronts a shoplifter who is in line with his bias as they walk out of the store, both hands full of merchandise they did not pay for.  Instead of interrogating this individual for the sales receipt - the mall cop sees that the person is in need of assistance and will open the door for them.


As they look at the "political fraud" going on on Glenn Beck's stage........MEDIA MATTERS are listed speakers on AL SHARPTON'S STAGE.

  • Al Shaprton - The Democratic Party operative that enjoys unregulated access to the core consciousness of our community
  • Ed Schultz from MSNBC - "Mall Cop" for the Progressives and Democrats
  • Representatives From Media Matters - Nothing more that I need to say
  • Unions
  • Ben Jealous of the NAACP - "Tea Party is racist" and Charter Schools must have teachers unions
  • Martin Luther King III - "The US Justice Department has been shuttered under Bush"....."but I don't see the sustained attacks by Street Pirates who render the same deadly results upon Black people when my father was alive as being Civil Rights violaters"
  • Tom Joyner - I don't even charge national Democratic candidates for the free campaign commercials that I given them on my show as I drive Blacks to vote for them
  • Marc Morial - Former mayor of New Orleans who escaped blame for the conditions and consciousness of the people of the city between Hurricane Betty and Hurricane Katrina

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