Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leonard Pitts On Dr Laura - Master Sculptor Who Plasters Over The Self-Indictment

Leonard Pitts: Dr. Laura's ignorance on display

Read a "Progressive Who Is Black" opinion writer over time and you can hone in upon their tactics.

In the case of Leonard Pitts on Dr Laura - the lynch pin of his argument is "Oh those 'silly Negro' comics......they'll say anything".

Leonard Pitts meet Michael Richardson.
You see though Michael Richardson was a "stand up comedian" at the time that he noted that in the past his Black male heckler would "have a fork up his ass" - his comedic stance did not provide him with the type of cover that Mr Pitts is talking about.

Welcome to the world of "Lampblack Yellow Journalism".  
The goal is to render maximum indictment against the popular enemies of Black people while redirecting any potential self-incrimination that might slip up and prove that Black people have some portion of complicity in our present condition.

The "Other Half Truth" That Pitts Leaves On The Floor

Mr Pitts tells us that it is CONSERVATIVES have problems in discussing race.  For the record, sir, I have seen the other side of the moon and it is made out of cheese.

If the sin of conservatives like Dr Laura and Pat Buchanan is that they are unsympathetically blunt about race then their ideological adversaries are guilt stained with racial "pink elephants in the room".

From open discussions about the harm that "Black on Black" crimes have upon:

  • Black community property values
  • (Justified) Stereotypes of 'The Wrong Side Of Town'
  • The irony of how the face of th threat to Blacks having changed between 1940 and 2010
In addition discussions about the impact of illegal immigration and the clear negative impact on Black competition for unskilled labor.

The "Progressive who is Black" loves to retain his "racial moral high ground", with the claim that they "never discriminated against any other race of people.  This while retaining the right to make broad based indictments against the society for failing us on our "permanent interests".

As long as they have this weapon in their back pocket - the "Progressive who is Black" never has to look face to face with the results of his theories.  Even when these theories are the "last man standing" in their community, with them retaining all of the institutional seats - they will still make external indictments.

When will we see Mr Pitts doing a review of the 'non-comedian' rappers who's "Nigger" laced rap songs are played in various integrated and all White dance clubs?

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