Sunday, August 1, 2010

The LampBlack Yellow Journalist Black Press - Going With The Agenda

There is no other element of the Black Establishment that disappoints me more than does the "Black Press".   An entity that was formed to give voice to the Black community's interests when the mainstream press would either ignore us or slander us when Black people did appear in their pages - today's operative Black press has clearly lost their way.

Instead of defending the permanent interests of the Black Community - they are wholesale extensions of the leftist/progressive Black Establishment - working to defend them against their main political adversaries - the Conservatives and Republicans.

My analysis and critique is not focus on their leftist, Pro-Democratic Party bias though.  Instead I inspect their rantings in the context of a Black community that is already totally dominated by this machine, that expresses grievances despite faithfully consuming this prescribed solution and yet these operatives with a pen and a keyboard seem fully deployed to "try harder" with the struggle rather than ask questions of the course.

My reference point for quality journalism which successfully impacts the Black community is the local news station's "investigative reporters".   I have documentary evidence to show that these forces have made several government agencies, corporations and landlords to "get the lead out" far better than any other entity that comes from the angle of "civil rights" or "Black journalism".  Period.

The key point is that these journalists/reporters (and some of them are Black) are not beholden to the political machine that overlays any particular community.  They have the cause of "consumer advocacy", forcing all of the entities listed above to do as they had promised to do.

Sadly, shamefully the "Lampblack Yellow Journalism" are merely ideologues and political operatives that have been embedded within a particular media operation to carry forth what their other compatriots in the Black Progressive Establishment do in their particular tentacle.

Don't expect to see the Black operative journalist go after his compatriot in support of the interests of the Black community.  Instead, for example, we will hear them scrutinize while a SECOND Black Democratic US Representative has been brought up on ethics violations right after another high profile scandal, never asking if the allegations are true and sticking to their own principles.  Regardless of what they do they will never, ever, never, make an extrusion - asking if such a pattern represents a certain character flaw.  They only do this against their adversaries where there is a political stereotype to be maintained for the benefit of the political machine that the Black Progressive Establishment is in cahoots with.

"The Trotter Group" and "The"

Gregory Kane, member of "The Trotter Group" warned us all about their bias in an article several months ago.  I noted this long before that merely by looking at the line up.

  • Derrick Z Jackson
  • George Curry (Still waiting for a character reassessment on John Edwards from him)
  • Tonya Weathersby
  • Rochelle Reilly
  • DeWanye Wickham 
We already know the conclusion to the opinion piece.  Just pick the subject and its a foregone conclusion on what they believe.

The posted a hit piece on RNC chair Michael Steele and his planned visit to the "National Association of Black Journalists".  They noted that Andrew Brietbart - of the "Shirely Sherrod" fame would be the main topic of scrutiny for Steele.   They planned to "put him on trial" and force him to explain himself and Brietbart.

This sounds pretty straight forward with regard to the recent events BUT few people would bother to make note of how Steele's Democratic party peer - Mr Kaine would be received.  Long story short the reception would not be hostile in the least.  Mr Kaine would not be reminded of how his party controls the key institutions in every single Black community and yet our grievances remain high despite all of the promises.  To do this would require a massive self-indictment by the Black Press as they were vital in the Democrats and Progressives having achieved this end.

I am just not sure that they had a plan on what to do after the "Mission Accomplished" banners were hung.

I have never seen a group with such a short attention span.  Any White conservative has the power to distract their attention off of the focus on the effective delivery of promised benefit to the Black community for doing our part in support of the machine in question.

OR maybe diversion off of these issues when there is a compatriot in power is the key point of interference that this unified crew is expected to deliver.  

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