Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jack & Jill Politics: Is There A Progressive Black That Is An Uncle-Tom?

The last to realize his own bigotry is a the bigot himself.

In response to my pointing out that "non-racially motivated assaults" upon Black folks lap those that are racially motivated in 2010 by several times, a poster on Jack & Jill who is clearly infected by "Non-White White Supremacy" responded as he realizes that in giving up on the nation that an attack by a White person is superior he would have to being to look at conflict between the continuing growth in power by the progressives and despite the continuing grievances, he and others focus upon racism as the main threat to Black people.

My dear friend Plantsmantx:

"Shut Up" did not appear in my post.

I challenge you to plot the actual impact of RACISM in conjunction with the list of other negative forces that are applied to our people in 2010.
Then make a list of the positive forces that are applied upon this same vessel.

Today more assaults are executed upon our people by assailants that are NOT motivated by what can be labeled as RACISM than that which you can conclude as being so.

As I inspect the mental workings of people like you I can only conclude that an assault by a WHITE MAN is more SUPERIOR than anything that a fellow Black could ever hope to execute upon us. It seems that you are infected by the larvae known as "Non-White White Supremacy".

The real function of this feigned consciousness is that it allows you to grow in political power on behalf of your ideology without ever having to be held accountable for the continuing conditions as you progress in POWER. Ironically your POWER is increased as the continuing grievances and the "Black Ideological Unity Enforcement" actions that are enacted work to obtain the correction for our people though this perpetual external struggle while failing to manage and developing the INTERNAL human resources who's education you now control.

Do you see that if I depend upon YOUR AGREEMENT with me as evidence of my correctness - YOU get to control me.
Instead I choose to look at how YOUR line of thinking being made the prevailing thoughts over our people, being put into power and STILL we struggle for the basics.

Could you give a transparent definition of what a "Neo-Tom" is? Or is it like the methodology used by the "All White Jury" to find the Negro guilty - unable to be transcribed onto paper but is highly effective as evidenced by it's 100% conviction rate thus proving your accuracy in labeling?

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