Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guidance For "" As They Announce Plans To Cover The Sharpton March In Tomorrow's Edition

* better education
* more jobs.

Dear The

1) Who now controls the local educational systems that our children attend in the greatest abundance?

2) Jobs require "skills" that the "Consumers of Labor" are willing to purchase in exchange for a salary. Can you really PROTEST your way into a job?

3) Will you evaluate if there was any talk against the War that is being conducted as it relates to Dr King's vision of peace?

4) Was there any talk about the epidemic of violence on our streets? Were the names of Jordon Howe, Tavon Nelson, William Jones III, Brishell Jones and Devaughn Boyd read aloud?

I am not sure how long you will tolerate me on your board as I ask you the questions that I would ask IF I had a popular web site as you do with notable journalists who have the "Black Community's Interests" as their primary mission in all that they do. I assure you that my intentions and the "content of my character" are pure and just.

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