Friday, August 27, 2010

The Grio - Was It Because I Said "Damn" Or Is Has My Account Been Flagged For Moderation?

Christopher (Chambers I presume) :

Since "cussing you out" for your foolishness is far from productive - I need to figure out a more tactical way around your bigotry.

[quote]The total outrage is that anyone with the kind of potential power in the black community that a King Family member has would be caught dead in the same headline as a supporter of anything that Beck, and Fox, have to do with. [/quote]

As a resident of Metro Atlanta I have watched a slow motion train wreck known as the "SCLC Faction #1" against "SCLC Faction #2" COURT CASE. In both cases they operate on the mantle of DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR!!!!!

I neither recall "The Grio" or YOU showing interest in reporting on this fiasco that was reported every damned day on the evening news for about 2 months straight.

Were YOU the welder that was hired to weld the back door of the SCLC offices on Auburn Avenue shut and place the chain on the parking lot gates?

IT IS YOU who have HATRED AND BIGOTRY in your heart!!!!
The disease called "Non-White White Supremacy" makes your vision jaundiced so that you can promote a WHITE MAN named Glenn Beck as a greater threat to our community than the HUNDREDS OF STREET PIRATES who have slashed our people's throats all summer long. We didn't hear ANYTHING from you about the DESECRATION OF DR MARTIN LUTHER KING'S LEGACY.

BE SILENT NOW with that foolishness. You have already shown yourself for who you are.

* A Black woman murdered in her bathtub on MLK Jr Blvd in Atlanta 3 months ago
* A Black woman found beheaded on Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd in April
* A Black man shot dead 3 weeks ago on Donald Lee Hollowell
* The intersection of Joseph E Lowry and Joseph E Boone being the most popular place for KLAN REENACTMENTS - per its label as the "most violent block in Atlanta".

You want to talk about the DISRESPECT OF OUR CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS - YOU need to speak up sooner, stepping forth when our people are MURDERED OR MOLESTED, the Street Pirate not giving a DAMN about the memorial street sign that serves as the coordinates for the murder scene.

The "Neo-All White Jury" of today has a new hue. This empaneled bunch of bigots are so ensnared by their own views that infected their minds like the tsetsi fly larvae that some outside force that is committed to TRANSPARENCY must swoop in to snatch away their power and force them to walk the path of absolute JUSTICE if their people are to ever reach the state of an EQUAL HUMAN BEING.

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